[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 17 Art


Although I know that Blue Moon’s business has been very good, but this isn’t a cheap sale?

I stepped outside the carriage I could see 6 airships circling around us with my naked eye.

Dale’s airship is unmanned of course, and was flying in a higher region, so it wasn’t disturbed.

But even so, six combat airships worth about 50w gold each. It seems that I need to make a new assessment of this so-called magic crystal mine.

“Bow, Ice board!”

With a shuaa I rushed into the sky towards one of the airships.

Combat airships. Their size is about that of a typical carriage, it can take two people and can carry different weapons depending on the configuration.

Even if the airships’ configurations aren’t really clear, the missiles on it are clear.

And compared to transport airships, their maneuverability is much better. They should be able to fight general monsters.


There is a gap when compared to my magical cheats!


I accelerated directly to the top of the enemy’s airships. With a wave of my hand countless ice arrows shot directly into the top of it.

Ice arrows fell like rain, but when they struck the airship, a white shield appeared on the on the body of the ship!

Then, two guns on the body of the ship turned to face me!


I braked and jumped backwards. A barrage of icicles appeared behind me, I pulled back a short distance and at the same time a the two guns let out a flash of blue light. The two railguns went straight through the ice totem I had used as a stepping stone, and the vaporized water droplets went everywhere.

Oh my god! Isn’t this equipment terrifying? These railguns aren’t a joke for even me!

Even if I don’t die I need to take care not to be shocked. My entire body became limp. I don’t want to experience the horrors of electrotherapy!

I pressed the call button on the headset.

“Dale! Aren’t the planes you are selling horrible? Magical shields, railguns, and I also saw missiles. Aren’t you selling things that would have no issues destroying a city?”

“Of course, otherwise what use would our protective shields that covered cities be?”

What the heck, you are doing business like a lunatic. From weapons to protective devices, you think that it isn’t ok to not be making money.

I think you are basically an arms dealer, right?

“That’s good. How do we fight this kind of enemy? Since you are one of the developers, didn’t you program any backdoors into the warships to take control?”

When I said that, the airship fired a missile. Luckily it was unguided and I turned to avoid their attack. The missile flew past and struck a tree on the ground, instantly blasting out a crater.

Oh my god. That destructive force, it’s definitely gunpowder……

“How would that work? I don’t sell broken goods. But I can tell you that the combat airship holds up to four missiles, the railguns have a cooldown of 30 seconds, there is an upper limit to the energy shield, and it can’t be restored. Does that help?

“……Of course.”

I smiled.

“By knowing their combat capabilities I can make plans to deal with them. By the way, are your missiles triggered or on a fuse?”

That’s great, it’s only been 20 seconds since they fired their railguns, and there are only 3 missiles left. As long as I am able to confirm its flaws……

“Trigger, I don’t think they actually know about fuses.”

“That’s great!”

Finished, a blue light flashed under my feet and the ice board reappeared under me.

But I didn’t go straight over. I took out a white wing and flew into the air, and the ice board was launched at the airship like a missile.

It’s not enough. That airship isn’t to be trifled with, it rolled to the side to avoid my attack before its fuselage turned and chased after me.

Not bad. I’m surprised that the person flying it is so skillful, could it be that Dale has set up a remote control in the cabin of the airship?

At the same time, several other airships that saw their companions attacked rushed over and launched a volley of missiles at me!

Although they can’t fire guided missiles, but six airships firing two missiles at a time isn’t anything to joke about. 12 missiles came straight at me through the air. I don’t have even a moment to hesitate. Bringing my palms together, I was wrapped in a huge Ice Castle.

However, I’ve experienced the strength of the missiles, and I know it is hard to block the missiles’ attack with this kind of defense. So I summoned an Ice Totem on top of the Ice Castle and ejected out to the ground!

Although I fanned my wings in mid-air, but this acceleration isn’t something that I can stop before I hit the ground and my entire body hits the ground.

“You should die! Accept humiliation!”。

I looked into the air. The Ice castle was directly hit by 12 missiles and the entire castle was blown into smithereens, replaced by countless snowflakes falling in the sky.

I tremble a little. Yes, I was waiting for this moment.

It is midnight. Just now a light came out from the top of the airship, showing that it had no night vision ability. Rather, it needs the light on top to see outside.

That’s to say, if the light isn’t shining they can’t see their surroundings.

Although the ice in the air looks like snow, but is the remains of the Ice Castle. Although they are tiny, it’s made of ice crystals.

Such a vast expanse of whiteness shone more brightly than the surroundings.

On top of it being nighttime. That’s to say, right now they are looking at the ice in the air.

“Well. This is the end.”

I even pulled out a magic wand to increase my attack power.

I’m worried that if they saw it they might accelerate and escape.

But if they can’t see it?

“Arcane · Unlimited · Thousand Year Frozen River!”

A blue light flashed. Countless ice crystals extended outwards with me as the center.

The sheer amount of ice turned the landscape and half of the sky into a several hundred meter high ice sculpture. The light of the six combat airships shone out from inside of it, making the entire thing a massive work of art.

Even though it is a rough work.

I clapped my hands in satisfaction, and clicked the call button on my headset.

“Dale, is there any heating in the cabin? How long will it last?”

“Yes, it lasts for about a day.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be back soon.”

Ending the call, I looked at my masterpiece again. Satisfied, I opened up a wing and flew back to the carriage.


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 16 Pursuers


Di di di……

Suddenly hearing a ring from the headset, I quickly took it out and put it on.

“What happened?”

“Big brother, We and grandpa Dunst have destroyed the invading enemies.”

Oyado’s voice came from the headset. It seems the new invaders have been dealt with.

“And then Prince Sillan decided that we should continue traveling tonight. It’s too dangerous to stay here after all.”

“I understand. We are already at the front door of the hotel.”

At the same time we finished, we pushed open the door to the hotel. What appeared was a hallway full of corpses.

Also, in addition to the mercenaries, there were corpses of guards wearing the royal seal.

Oyado and Aliya were standing next to them, talking with the old butler Dunst.

“Oh, you are back. It seems you know who instigated these events?”

“Un. It’s the Kjell family. The reward should still be in the black market.”

“So that’s it. It turned out to be a struggle between them. Speaking of which, the struggle for magic crystal mining rights should have already started…… Prince Sillan, are you ready to depart?”

Dunst  suddenly turned towards the stairs. I turned and saw Prince Sillan slowly waking down the stairs.

“Yes, let’s go. Mabel and Leon, you will be riding in a carriage with Fir. We will leave Nightsteel City as quickly as possible.

“Yes, thank you very much……”

The two from the Marshall family thanked Prince Sillan.

Maa. It’s already very hard to come by a prince. The Royal Family don’t favor either side in battles between nobility. It would be bad for their position.

Open support would only make the battle more complicated.

Is that why the Prince decided to take a separate ride?

Seriously, I’m obviously not very good at protecting people……

“Understood. Ms. Mabel and Leon, you will be with me in another carriage. All you have to do is keep quiet.”

“Keep quiet?”

Their faces were full of doubt.

“That’s right, just keep quiet.”

I gave a mysterious smile and then looked to Dale.

“Ah, you want to use that……okay.”

Dale helplessly shrugged and typed something to me.

“Remember to find someone to pay for it.”

“Yes yes.”

The guy’s been completely led astray by Launa’s love of money.


————————Loading Vehicle————————


Inside the carriage a green and white ball of light slowly rotated.

Green and white motes spread out with this, covering the interior of the carriage in a thin membrane. If you weren’t within a meter you wouldn’t be able to see under the membrane.

That’s right, this is optical camouflage developed from wind and light magics. Although it doesn’t have a large area it is almost close to perfect.

If there was a defect……

It runs out very quickly. A high capacity magic crystal will only last about an hour. As efficient as this is we will burn through about 500 gold worth of magical crystals before we reach the next town.

And that’s the conservative estimate. If something unexpected happens then it might be even more.

“Are they pursuing?”

The young lady in the carriage, Mabel, timidly asked.

After seeing the dead bodies in the hotel their their faces lost all of their blood. It seems that this is the first time for them.

Well, it’s better to for aristocrats to get adapted to this sort of thing earlier.

On the side, Tai Shixi, Bai Yueguang, Hei Luoli and Aliyah are playing cards.

Falan and Ms. Mari? They were discussing the camouflage device with Dale. It seems that Falan is very interested in this, so Ms. Mari and Dale were discussing it with her.

I get the feeling that she wants to use the device to develop even stranger stuff, but I don’t care.

It was because of this device that, as we traveled along the side of the road after we left Nightsteel City, we encountered no pursuers except for two groups of mercenaries.

They went straight past us of course. We were parked on the side of the road, so we went undiscovered.

They took the chance to look over the Prince’s carriage, but there was nothing to find.

Generally the Prince would refuse such a search. It is insulting, after all.

But the Prince cooperated with us and consented to the search.

Anyways, that action was very good for us.

That’s to say, we won’t be found for the time being. But that is where the problem is.

We left from the main entrance of Nightsteel City, and it is absolutely impossible for us to completely vanish.

Therefore, the search teams have increased. We are moving at a slower pace since we stop whenever someone comes near us, otherwise they might see through our camouflage.

Only my minimap doesn’t show the whole area. Right now the only reason we can hide is because of the silently circling airship behind us.

I hope everything goes well.

“Stop, something strange is approaching!”

Dale suddenly shouted from the front.

The carriage immediately stopped. After a short time, a strange engine noise passed us.

This sound…… I looked at Dale and he nodded back.

“Wait a minute. I’d like to get out now. Otherwise, we will be discovered soon.”


“That’s right……”

I looked at the people on the side and gave a forced laugh.

“They have already started using airships.”


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 15 More Kidnappers


Coming to the place that Ms. Mari had mentioned, there was nothing except for three corpses on the ground.

How pitiful, even though you were villains. If you hadn’t kidnapped people from the wrong room you wouldn’t have come to this fate.

“Let’s go. I’ve already investigated this, it seems that the Kjell family wants to kidnap the Marshall family.”

“Oh~ so that’s what it is. It seems that the relationships between the aristocracy is really bad.”

Ms. Mari nodded and looked at Hei Luoli and Falan.

“Although we have gotten things on the bounty side figured out~ We didn’t want to kill them either, but they had lost their minds while under the control of Falan’s magic, so we let them go free~”

“Is that so……well……I hope that they become good people in their next life. Eh? Where’s the body?”

I went back to find that the bodies on the ground had disappeared. Looking around, I didn’t see the body, or even blood.

“Oh. We were going to destroy all traces anyways, so I stored them.”

Looking at her smile, I realized those guys had already become new zombies under the necromancer.

“Let’s hurry back, the two Marshalls should be in danger.”

“Don’t worry so much. Don’t they have a powerful butler? There shouldn’t be a problem that fast.”

Falan said, waving her hand.

“About that butler, shouldn’t he only protect the prince?”

“Okay okay~ Let’s go back since there isn’t anything interesting here anyways~ I don’t think you want to stay in this dirty place either.”

“By the way, didn’t Aliyah come? She said she was coming to find you.”

I just noticed that while Aliyah should have already arrived, there wasn’t a trace of her. I don’t know where she went.

“She didn’t. I thought she wasn’t coming.”


I quickly opened the communication window to her name.

We just arrived here and yet she’s been kidnapped. Is this a magical kidnapping city?

‘Aliyah, where are you?’

‘Ah, sorry. I didn’t replay to your message a bit ago. I’m tracking a group of people right now. I heard them say they were going to sneak into our hotel so I followed them.’

‘Seriously, it’s wave after wave of people……money’s power is strong. All right, we will be right over. Don’t do anything reckless.’

‘Yes yes yes. Don’t worry~’

Cutting off the call, I turned to Mari and the rest.”

“Aliyah has gone back because she saw someone else going to try kidnapping.”

“What. Why are these people are so troublesome~”

Falan shrugged in pain.

“Staying up late is the natural enemy of women~”

“Really. Considering that you didn’t come immediately. Well, it isn’t all trouble, after all we know who is behind it and who we are fighting against.”

“So hurry back and find another place to sleep. Otherwise there really will be no other chance to sleep.”

“Okay. Oyado, you go and meet up with Aliyah. We will be right over.”

“Got it!”

Oyado jumped from my shoulder into the air and completely faded away in front of us.


I want to learn that skill too, it’s really cool……

——————————————Switching People——————————————

POV: Oyado

Shadow’s End!

Jumping several times in succession, as black smoke I passed through the entire city and the hotel was in sight.

“Found you.”

Seeing the figure of big sister Aliyah on the roof, I rolled over and stopped at big sister’s side.

“Big sister Aliyah~”


Aliyah turned to me in surprise. She let out a breath of relief after she got a clear look at me.

“So it was you, Oyado. You almost scared me.”

“Hehe, sorry sorry~”

“By the way, what are you doing here?”

“Big brother said not to worry and to meet up with you first.”

“Tch, it was that idiot Fir? So nosy, I can handle this myself.”

Aliyah curled her lip with slight dissatisfaction. Despite that, her face seems happy.

Hey! Seriously! Big brother is a sentimental idiot, doesn’t he know how incredibly harmful that is to young girls? Why can’t you just declare who you like?


But……it might be because big brother doesn’t know who he likes?

It’s possible. I don’t know about other people, but since it is big brother. It might be possible.

“Let’s go Oyado. They have opened the back door of the hotel.”

Big sister Aliyah patted me, then with a flash of green light she darted towards the inn’s back door.

Shadow’s End!

I directly followed to the door.

“Be careful!”

I grabbed Aliyah as she tried to go through the back door.

“It seems……that someone died”

“Yeah, I know.”

Big sister Aliyah glanced at the doorway.

“Five people who went in just died, but the guards didn’t win because there are still enemies in there.”


How did big sister Aliyah know? Isn’t that too incredible?

“All right, stop staring.”

Aliyah laughed. Pulling out her swords, she stabbed one backwards through the door. At the same time a scream came through the door.

That’s……How did she find out?

“Come on.”


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 14 Exchanging Money


Side Quest: Marshall Family’s Magical Fairy Tales

Task One: Inquire into the Marshall Family’s repeated kidnappings


5000 exp

3000 gold

Part two open

Part two:

Option 1: Kidnap the Marshall family for the Kjell family.

Option 2: Prevent the Kjell family actions, guide the Marshall family members to the college.


Dumbly looking at the quest prompt I gave a bitter laugh.

Seriously! Where’s the choice? In the beginning I was already in one of the camps.

“So that is what’s happening. Do you know why they would want to kidnap the Marshall family?”

“That is……”

Looking at Michua’s expression, I nodded, took out 500 gold coins and set it in front of her.

Although I don’t know her asking price but 500 gold coins shouldn’t be a low price?

But I’m not hurting at all. When the quest was finished, the number of gold coins was increased by 3000. I’m not distressed at all to take out 500.

Michua picked up the bag. Testing its weight, her expression changed to surprise.

“You can earn a lot of money when you have a relationship with nobles~”

“Well, remember to give me a receipt. When the time comes I will have the nobles reimburse it.”

“Reimburse ?”

“It means pay with money.”

“Is that so. Master said reimburse was the same thing before. Master carried a box out a few days ago, she said she was going to find someone to reimburse their work.”

“That’s not it. I think you master meant something different…… well, the meaning is almost the same.”

I don’t know why, this girl’s titles are terrible, but when she talks for a while she is actually moe……

Is this a contrast moe? Yeah……

“All right, can you tell me the reason now?”

“Of course. I am very professional at business.”

Really? I can see your first title is evil, but you can talk like a good person.

“Well, I just received this information this morning. Originally I thought it was a joke but then I went to look at the top of the bounty notices and saw the portraits of Marshall family’s young master and miss hanging there.

“Is that so? They seem to be very knowledgeable on the whereabouts of the Marshall family. They almost succeeded in kidnapping the Marshall family the first time.”

“Ha ha~  So then, it seems you saved their lives?”

“Pretty much. You can sell a noble favors or something. It’s a good bargain.”

“That’s also true~ Well~ I have had no such opportunity, otherwise master would have been able to expand the store and fly to even greater heights. There would be no need to cut organs out of corpses every day.”

“……Ah, that sounds really labor intensive.”

Corpses? Can the organs of the dead still be used?

Well, who knows. Perhaps that Doctor Muyu found some magical techniques.

“Ok, who accepted the quest?”

“I don’t know that. The reward is 10,000 gold after all, I think there wouldn’t be anyone not interested?”

“That’s so cheap. It’s about the same price as an aristocrat.”

“Ahaha, you aren’t going to help the Marshall family?”

Michua laughed.

“I’m just saying that. In all seriousness, the daily expenses of a noble could go up past hundreds of thousands of gold. That’s a small amount of money. The two from the Marshall family might be able to take that much out from pocket change, it wouldn’t necessarily smash to death the other party.”

“Smashed to death with money…… ha ha, that’s funny~ I guess that’s the reason the Queen let you out of the Elves’ territory? You know, she doesn’t like to kill people, but she is very fond of putting people in the dungeon and never letting them out.”

“Then I am really lucky to have gotten out, ha ha.”

The Queen actually had that sort of hobby? We had barely experienced the prison and didn’t experience the dungeon at all. So very lucky.

I might have had to do a massive jailbreak otherwise.

Even if I was unable to escape it might have caused the Elf race to become completely hostile.

It really is a pity. I can’t legally watch elf like magical creatures, it really is a waste.

“Big brother, was it my imagination that you just thought of something strange?”

“What? Don’t be paranoid. I’m thinking of something serious.”

“Oh? What?”

Oyado looked at me, unsatisfied. I helplessly sighed.

Recently I’ve been feeling that Oyado has been getting more and more sensitive. Is it because her assassin skills have been getting better?

That’s terrible. If there’s a mind reading skill there is going to be a problem.

“All right, we are almost finished collecting intelligence. It seems like I’m going to have to bring my companion back to protect the Marshall family’s young master and miss. There are a lot of people waiting outside now waiting for the reward.”

“Ok, then my brother is staying~ Isn’t it going to be dangerous?”


I looked at Julian. He was being held in a very embarrassing way.

I smiled and replied.

“All right, you are going to go with your sister first. I’ll come back to see you~”

“Yes, yes. Here is my terminal contact number. If there are any information or organs you need you can contact me~”

Then she handed a card to me.

This……it’s really professional……

I took the card. It had her name and a string of weird numbers on it.

Have you been able to chat at the terminals lately? Is QQ installed? Facebook? Or is Skype?

Just kidding. How could that be? It’s just an ordinary communication device.

“Okay, see you later~”

Leaving her small shop, I smiled at Oyado.

“All right, let’s go~ We’ll go look for Ms. Mari.”

“Big brother, when are you going to hold me like Julian’s sister Michua held him?”


I thought about it and just put Oyado on my shoulder.

“Oh, big brother…… this……”

“Now should we go home so I can make it up to you?”

“I… not too heavy?”

“No. Don’t worry, Oyado is very light.”

Even though I said that I had all ready used strength increasing skills to stand up.

“Come on.”



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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 67

Note from the translator:

Due to several issues, such as stress and other distractions, my translation speed has taken a significant hit. Right now I am barely able to finish two chapters a week. Because of that, starting this weekend, I will only be updating on Saturday. This is by no means intended to be permanent change and I intend to bring it back up to the normal 2 chapters a week.

I hope you enjoy the chapter


Chapter 67: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 13 Under the Conspiracy


The biggest organ trading shop in Nightsteel City’s black market temporarily closed its doors.

Inside, Oyado and I watched embarrassedly as Michua kept clinging on her brother . We kept drinking tea without being aware we had run out.

Naturally I confirmed it wasn’t organ broth because I was able to see tea leaves floating in the water.


Have you had enough? You’ve been clinging on to Julian ever since we came in. Isn’t your brocon trait already beyond being cured? I know a group of pretty good chunni clinics, how about you give them a try?

“So that’s what’s going on. Thank you for bringing my little brother here. While I don’t like humans you’ve become a friend to me~”

She said while smiling, but I smelled a dangerous odor.

That’s right. The dangerous odor isn’t just from her reveled titles, but her body has a dangerous atmosphere similar to Falan and Ms. Mari.

That’s right, Falan who slaughtered people like they were plants and Ms. Mari’s black bellied madness. Now from the body of this young elf.

Although I don’t know what happened when she was brought to the Humanity’s lands, but……I can be absolutely sure that this isn’t a happy thing.

I probably shouldn’t reveal her scars. Otherwise, whether or not I was her friend, she would give me a complete understanding of her experience.

I don’t want to think about it!

Anyways, it seems like she doesn’t have any huge problems. Long purple hair. A neat white nurse outfit. Deep purple pupils in smiling eyes. There’s no hint of it from the outside.

That’s right, from her appearance……

“Big sister, you’re hugging me too tightly……”

Julian said with some pain.

“Sorry, sorry. It was just that I was so excited~”

Michua apologetically loosened a bit, yet she didn’t release her grip

It seems that Julian will live a happy life, yep.

“Right, how did you find me? I had thought that nobody would find me here. I was waiting until I had enough money before finding someone to bring Julian out.”

“The thing is…… it was because of this.”

I took out the emblem that Aliyah had given me.

“This thing let us know which country you were in. But the reason I found you is because I came to the black market to save some people.”

“Save people?”

“Don’t worry about it. They solved the problem themselves.”

I hope that those kidnappers can tell you who was behind it before they are killed. There’s absolutely no other way for them to survive.

“Is that so? That’s good. But who did you manage to provoke? There shouldn’t be anyone in Nightsteel city bored enough to kidnap someone else~”

“There’s nothing that can be done. From our investigation, it seems that they just wanted to kidnap somebody else and we were accidentally involved.”

“So that’s how it is~”

Michua nodded.

“That’s understandable. You should have come in as mercenaries, so it should be related to the people you came with~ Well, I don’t care. But I don’t want my brother to be in danger~ So from now on Julian is going to be intimately close to me~”

Yep, that bastard is beyond saving.

“Ah, that’s unimportant. I actually have a question.”

“Hm? What’s your question?”

“Who gave you your surgical techniques?”


She looked shocked.

“You and master said the ‘same thing’~”

“Same thing?”

“That’s right~ Master said the same before going out.”

“So that’s what it was. Master?”

It seems like Michua was saved by this master. Furthermore, this master…… is like us. An otherworlder.

“Right, master said, if you meet someone who says the word ‘surgeon’, then they are the same as master. Master is called Muyu. Others call her Doctor Muyu.”

“Is that so……”

“Yes, but master is always gone. I have no idea when she will return. So if you wanted to meet it will depend on your luck.”

“Well, if there’s the chance.”

Doctor? With this world’s magic perhaps the dead could be raised.

But it’s hard to say. It’ll wait until we meet.

“If that’s the case, I don’t want to disturb, my companion is waiting for me still. I would like to ask one more thing though. Do you know where you can buy information in the black market?”

“That’s…… there are many people who are offering that service.”

“For example?”


Michua said happily.

“Then please help me with something.”

“What’s up?”

“Help me to investigate who wants to kidnap the Marshall family.”

“Marshall……so that’s how it is. There was that sort of thing.”

They suddenly had a look of realization and looked at me.”

“I know what’s going on. I’d advise you to hurry up and leave Nightsteel City.”


“Because the person who wants to kidnap the Marshall Family is the owner of this city.”

The owner of this city?

“The Kjell Family……is that so?”


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 66

Note from the translator:

Due to several issues, such as stress and other distractions, my translation speed has taken a significant hit. Right now I am barely able to finish two chapters a week. Because of that, starting this weekend, I will only be updating on Saturday. This is by no means intended to be permanent change and I intend to bring it back up to the normal 2 chapters a week.

I hope you enjoy the chapter


Chapter 66: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 12 Brocon


Shortly after I started chasing Julian I realized why he had come here.

That’s because the surrounds have changed from the normal shops to the slave market.

It seems Julian slowed down after he entered here and began to search.

I rushed behind him, pulled on him and whispered.

“Julian, you……”

“I can feel her! My big sister is here!”

I hadn’t finished before he turned and startled me.

“Your big sister…… is here?

“Yes. I can feel it. Big sister…… is here somewhere. I could feel it when I came to this place.”

“Is that so……”

Well, I’ve heard that brothers and sisters may have a direct link.

Except from the time he had mentioned…… isn’t something wrong?

“From what I remember, wasn’t your sister taken a long time ago? What would she be doing in the slave market now?”

“I……I don’t know……”

Is it a second hand sale?

Some nobles might have bought the elf, and after some time they happily abandoned her……

“All right, I’ll help you find your older sister. Ms. Mari is over there. There’s probably an eighty percent chance they settled it, ok?”

Meanwhile, I sent a message to Aliyah. She should meet with Ms. Mari first.

“So Julian, in which direction do you feel your big sister?”

“It’s near here. But…… although it feels like my big sister it’s a little strange.”


“Well, there’s…… a strange feeling.”

“I don’t know what you are describing by saying it’s some sort of strange feeling. I have no idea what your sister looks like anyways. You should give me some sort of general direction.”

When I said that I looked at the people around us, especially those who were kept in cages.

I looked carefully at all of their names. I was hoping to find someone with the same surname as Julian.


There are many people on this path. Although many of them are human, many of them are beastmen or elves.

Although on the surface it is common sense that I should go and save them, but I’m not going to do it right now.

It’s a part of this world after all. If I rescued everyone I saw, sooner or later I would end up caught here myself.

“Over there!”

Julian suddenly shouted out and ran away.

I froze for a second. Shaking my head, I caught up.

Seriously. I thought that this guy was very honest, but was it actually that he was too impulsive?

Soon, Julian had rushed to a slave store that had been hollowed out of a wall.

“She’s here.”

Julian said before going in. I immediately tried to stop him.

Are you kidding me? Anyone who gets a store here can’t be an ordinary slave dealer. If you rush in…… I have no idea what to do.

Go directly to their boss?

Isn’t that a joke? The people here are unlikely to sell to us, or even let us purchase using money. Perhaps the people inside won’t necessarily devour him when they see his anxious appearance.

“Calm down. We will go in and see what is happening. If you want to see your big sister again just keep calm. Ok?”

“Um……yes, fine.”

Julian nodded. But from the look on his face he was still very nervous. I don’t know if he understood or was faking understanding.

Standing here won’t solve the problem though. We need to hurry in now.

Additionally, I can see that a lot of people are inside it by looking through the walls. If I’m going to fight…… it will be very troublesome.

I stepped forward and pushed the door open. A feeling of nausea welled up.

“This…… this is……”

There was no name for this shop, and before I thought it was an ordinary slave shop.

But I understood once I came in.

This place is more than an ordinary slave shop. This place is actually…… an organ store!

Yes, Arranged in the store’s interior there were all sorts of organs. It seems that…… this place is basically a hospital.

But with these organs spread all over the inside of this room, it feels really……


Yeah. It’s terrifying.

I really don’t want to stay in this room for another minute. We are here to find Julian’s sister after all.


Wait a minute.

It should be unlikely that Julian’s sister is already……

I gulped and looked at the organs around me.

When Julian said his sister felt strange a moment ago it shouldn’t have been referring to this.

This is…… isn’t this too terrifying?

Additionally, the people around us are completely focused on the instruments on the organs. Are they picking out goods?

Oh my god. Is the science and technology of this world already supporting organ transplanting?

Or are they using magic?

But clones like Oyado can be created. Organ transplants shouldn’t be too difficult.

“Big Sister!”

Just then, Julian called out excitedly and rushed out.

“Hey, wait……”

I looked at where Julian went and was shocked.

Behind a table in the direction he ran there was a surprised young female elf.

I couldn’t help but be surprised when I looked at her name.


Michua · Menglode


It seems this is actually his older sister! That’s great.

But when I looked at her titles my brow wrinkled.


LV 40 Elf Archer Lv 50 Surgeon

Evil · Bloodied · Murderer · Fallen Elf · Illegal Doctor · Fugitive · Merciless Executioner ·【Smiling Scalpel】· Brocon


This person…… seems to be very dangerous……

Except for…… Brocon at the end……

What the hell?


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 11 Deep Underground


Although there isn’t many lights on the nighttime streets of Nightsteel City, there are plenty of bars lighting the streets.

We met a lot of people lying on the streets or trying to get us in trouble along the way. I just used a bit of ice on them and they managed to wake up.

But using the bars I should be able to quickly find the black market. Looking at the minimap and comparing it to the surroundings, the entrance to the black market is……


Why is it a toy store?

Looking at the dark toy store, I turned to Oyado.

“It looks like the entrance should be near here. If I use this thing for a bit……”

I took out the device I had used to absorb magical energy before and put it on the store window.

“Ok, let’s go in.”

Pushing the button the device flashed, causing the inside to light up. A door suddenly appeared next to one of the windows.

Was it a magical barrier? Well, if you knew the entrance was here you could go directly past the protection.

But since we didn’t know we could only force our way in.

I really don’t know…… I don’t know what to do about the people who actually think this is a toy store.

But it is gloomy, and fairly remote. Perhaps no one comes here to buy toys?

Pushing open the secret door, an passage to the underground appeared.

Looking at everyone else, their faces were filled with anticipation, but they didn’t know what to expect.

“Is covering up the door we broke unimportant?”

Julian asked cautiously.

“It isn’t a problem.”

I waved the staff I had recovered.

“They’ll only think that the device that powered the doorway ran out of energy. Don’t worry.”

“That so? That would be great.”

“I should say that you’d better put your cloak on or people will see your ears. We would have to have uncle Gabriel wipe the memories of the people who came to capture you.”

“Oh oh.”

After hearing that, Julian pulled on his cloak.

I smiled and said.

“You don’t have to be cautious. We’re here to cause a lot of trouble anyways.”

‘Yeah! Yeah! A lot of trouble!”

Aliyah excitedly smiled.

“Don’t over do it. I don’t want a bounty put on me by a mob boss.”

Done, I pressed a button to change clothes. My magicians robe changed into an assassin’s black leather armor.

With a mask on my face.

“Oh! I also like that kind of clothing!”

Done, Aliyah smiled and her clothes changed into a crimson armor.

“These don’t have much of a difference from normal?”

“What do you mean there’s no difference!?”

With a clatter, the armor on her back stretched forward and fastened over her head. The armor blocked both sides of her face.

“What the hell, this is your gear?”

“No. I had asked Ms. Mari to make a special armor before. It’s a helmet after after all, it’s inconvenient to wear it and I couldn’t find any good place to put it down.”

“Ok ok. Oyado, then you……”

I turned to find that Oyado had gone.

“Don’t worry about me big brother.”

Oyado suddenly appeared on my right.

“No one can see me.”

Done, she stepped back and her figure disappeared.

What an accomplishment for a professional assassin……

I shrugged and continued down.

While I walked, the structure of the stairs seems to have changed to metal plates. I can see light coming from below us.

After a long walk, an underground exchange similar to a mixed goods market appeared.

When we entered the bouncer standing at the door looked at us but didn’t say anything.

While his titles showed he was this place’s guard, it seems he wasn’t very responsible.

It’s a good thing though.

But looking at this gloomy place it seems it isn’t a simple place to find.

“Are we going to split up or stay together?”

“It would be more efficient to split up.”

Done, Aliyah turned to the left.

Seriously, she must be trying to buy something strange.

I gave a wry smile and turned to Julian.

“Come on. Don’t get lost in here.”


I opened the messaging window at the same time.

‘Ms. Mari, where are you now?’


They paused.

‘are interrogating.’


‘In the literal sense. We are interrogating our kidnappers.’

Oh my god. What do you want me to do? Help you whip them?

“So where are you guys?’

‘Oh. There’s a hollow wall to the left of the hotel. I’ll have Hei Luoli go and pick you up at the door.

‘All right……’

It seems that we are late again. The work was stolen from us.

Even if it’s in a different sense, our work is done anyways.

“Julian, come on, I know where they are…… huh? Julian?”

Looking around, Julian had disappeared!

“What the hell? It’s unlikely that guy would be kidnapped, right?”

I immediately looked at the mini-map and found him running quickly towards the other end of the black market.

What the hell does he want? He’s running off on his own.

‘You guys have fun playing with them for a while. There’s something on my end. A slight delay.’

‘There’s no hurry. We aren’t rushed.’

After getting Ms. Mari’s reply, I gave a light smile and chased after Julian.


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 10 Chaotic Noble Kidnapping


Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli were kidnapped……Why am I not worried?

I’d like to worry about the kidnappers safety to be honest. They might not be able to survive the night.

There was no other reason than because they kidnapped Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli.

Not anybody else.  It’s Ms Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli.

Although they aren’t among our strongest, they are definitely the scariest amongst us.

If they wanted to kidnap Aliyah, Oyado or Tai Shixi they might just be killed. But if they kidnapped Ms. Mari, Falan and Hei Luoli……

Their deaths will most likely be drawn out and they won’t leave an intact corpse?

Well, that’s what’s going to happen.

Speaking of Falan, she was recently kidnapped. Even if you brought being negligent into the calculation, how was she kidnapped?

But even so, we have to consider other things. For example, kidnappers use things like sleeping gas.

While I don’t know if it is called by the same name in this world, there should be something with the same effect.

Well, basically to just avoid accidents it’s better to send a message.

I looked in a circle but couldn’t see their names. This confirmed that they have been gone for more than ten minutes. Even if their names and titles are separated by walls I could see them, but if it’s too small I can’t exactly spot them.

It seems I can only use other methods.

Opening the messaging window, I breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Ms. Mari and Tai Shixi were still in range.

‘I heard you guys went shopping in the middle of the night. Isn’t that a bad time to pick?’

Ms. Mari replied after a moment.

‘What do you know. Someone is giving us a day tour of Nightsteel City’s black market. Did we have any reason not to go?’

‘There is no mistake.’

I smiled a bit.

‘Are you guys too idle?’

‘Well, a little bit. Falan suddenly showed a frightened look, so these people were happy to take us away.’

Really, that Falan.

‘But the problem is……why would someone kidnap you? Isn’t this your first time in this city? Are there enemies that want to kill you?’

‘From the guy’s statements, it seems they wanted to kidnap those two from the Marshall Family, but they had the wrong room.’

Why are all of the recent kidnappers so unprofessional? Are they underestimating the work in kidnapping?

You caught the wrong person and actually dared to take them away. This is simply incredible.

‘What are they going to do? Take you away?’

‘They say it’s a hostage exchange.’

‘Well, using three people with no reputations to exchange for the children of the Duke. They didn’t think this out.’

It seems that not only have recent kidnappers been unprofessional, but they’ve been lacking in intelligence.

I am curious as to who the hell wants to kidnap the Marshall Family. Although their family controls the empire’s magical research organization and army other people have been so devoted to capturing them. This can only mean one thing.

Someone on the black market put out a huge reward for them.

That’s right. I can’t think of any other reason that criminals would come to challenge them.

There must be a lot of money on their bounty. Otherwise, what else would cause such stupid people in the city to come kidnap them.

But it’s incredible, where did they come in? The prince lives in this place. It’s not easy to get in.

That’s right, if they weren’t careful how could they kidnap the prince?

Ha ha, that plot will definitely be interesting……

‘Right. Do you want us to save you or do you want to make a riot in the black market?’

‘I thought you wanted to see what the black market here was like.’

‘……Ok. I’ll go back. I’m a little…… I’m slightly interested.’

Yeah, I’m really interested.

I’m not interested in going to a black market that I’ve seen numerous times, but because I’ve just got a new quest.

Yes, it seems World-chan hasn’t been lazy today. A nice start to begin making a quest.


Side Quest: Marshall Family’s Magical Fairy Tales

Task One: Inquire into the Marshall Family’s repeated kidnappings

Reward: Unknown


What the hell?

What’s a magical fairy tale*?

(tl: *the term used here for fairy tale, 奇谭, seems to be very uncommon) 

Where did you learn such a strange phrase World-chan? Do you even know what it means?

You are actually going to use that for the quest’s name?

This is like a third rate publisher couldn’t come up with a title and arbitrarily made one. Where did you learn it?

Giving a weak smile I looked at the group around me.

They probably got the same quest. They looked at me and shrugged.

“Let’s go. It seems we are going to get a good look at the city.”

“I’ll stay behind. If we all go won’t the people we are with be suspicious?”

Bai Yueguang said, walking over to the sofa.

“Just tell them we are going to find our captured companions. What do you care?”

I said indifferently.

“Then I’ll go and talk to them. It’s too much trouble to go out.”

Tai Shixi said and turned to go.

“It looks like nobody has anything for me to do……Oyado, Julian, come on.”

“Hey! Hey! I’m coming too!”

Aliyah shouted.

“Fine, fine. Julian, don’t you want to know about your sister? We might be able to find something where we are going.”


Julian nodded.

It looks like I won’t be able to sleep tonight.


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[RPG] Vol 9 Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 9 Nightsteel City


Even if you convinced me that using magical enchantments has a better effect than modern technology isn’t using wind magic to make stealth airships too foul?

I turned back and saw Dale’s 12 airships floating behind us. But I could only see the titles, not the airships.

Our group was riding in a horse drawn carriage towards the Imperial Capitol.

I feel that the happiest person in our group should be Duke Marshall. Since his son and daughter have agreed to attend classes at the Royal College, he has been completely excited.

Of course, the reason they want to go is because the prince brought me over to the Royal College to be a substitute teacher or something.

Speaking of that, I asked the prince why the Witt Empire had the Royal College but Princess Anne attended the Grey Magical Academy.

Obviously, if the princess went to the Royal College she would go home everyday. Nobody in the royal family can stand her savage temper.

But when I was in the academy I thought that Princess Anne was better than the Snow Princess. Was it my imagination?

Or did Princess Anne do that because she wanted everyone to pay attention to her?

Whatever the cause, this time we should be a little busy helping the Witt Empire and Princess Anne should be very happy.

After all, I need to have Prince Sillan help me in my investigation. It might be a good idea to be a teacher before the investigation ends.

But Duke Marshall wasn’t riding with us in a carriage. He was sitting in another carriage on the way back to his territory. After all, we were recently delayed a long time. If we don’t go back then there will be a lot of difficult things to deal with.

After all, it isn’t a democracy here but an authoritarian system.

However, should I say that it is a carriage exclusive to the Royal Family? Right now we are in Prince Sillan’s carriage and there is still extra room after carrying all of us. It’s just like a very large bus.

The prince apologized to everyone before we boarded. He hadn’t expected so many people, otherwise he would have flown us straight over.

Ha ha, you have 12 planes behind you.

But according to the Prince’s presentation the Witt Empire has accelerated the construction of railroads. Although a city on the border like Blue Lake City hasn’t had the rail laid down, the imperial capital’s heart has been connected.

I seriously don’t know who to credit for it.

But it is two days from here to the royal capital. After all, the speed of a carriage is incomparable to an airship, But the Prince planned to switch with the railroad halfway so we can get to our destination faster.

Only, I said not to worry. We were eating and drinking while we mingled with the Prince, so what was the rush?

Naturally, to dispell the boredom during this time Dale took out specially made playing cards. Dale made a printer and the equipment to make poker cards. It’s impractical for them to be hand drawn after all.

So, everyone in the car happily started playing cards. In less than half a day, everyone had become quite skilled at playing 21 points, Texas Hold’em, Tractor, Landlord and other games. While I don’t know what gambling methods are in this world I think the Prince will soon make an official casino.

It’s a long journey after all, in the middle we ate some sandwiches. We left in the afternoon, so it was already dark when we stopped.

At this point we were at the Witt Empire’s largest industrial city, Nightsteel City. Although it is an industrial city, it doesn’t have the smog that we were used to in the industrial cities of our world but rather dealt with the magical industry.

It’s been booming for a few years though. Before the magical industry basically handcrafted everything until the recent development of machinery. Now the industry can be considered to be truly expanding.

To be honest, right now the magical facilities in each empire are basically selling to Scion’s Gate. Thinking about it now, it’s understandable why Ms. Mari would have enough money to quickly build an airship.

The main point is about Nightsteel City of course.

The Witt Empire has four noble families and only three dukes. It’s rare for commoners to turn into nobles. The most famous family name beyond the nobles is the Kjell family.

Their identity is similar to that of the Imperial Family, they both developed magical tools.

Only the Smuu Household makes combat type dolls, and the Kjell Household largely makes attendant type dolls.

Yes, it’s a doll loaded with a magical intelligence device.

But there is a lot of criticism as the construction method is still a secret.

Like the Smuu Household’s study of artificial people, there are rumors that the Kjell Household uses magicly brainwashed human souls to make it.

Granted, nobody has a any way to confirm it.

But right now I can’t get a good view of the stars above Nightsteel City. It’s nighttime after all. Besides, there is a distant factory that is lit up. There are few places where it city is lit up.

“We have been waiting for you a long time your Royal Highness.”

The carriage parked in front of the hotel. When the door opened a butler-like old man was standing in a respectful salute.

Giving him a closer look, I saw that he was not just the Second Prince’s dedicated butler but also a level 55 swordsman.

Oh my god, why has the housekeeping been so strong lately? It seems like finding a job in this world isn’t a simple thing.

“What are you doing here Dunst?”

Prince Sillan seemed surprised to see him here.

“Because I completed the work that his majesty had assigned I was able to rush over.”

When the Butler spoke there was almost no expression on his face, there was also no feeling in his words.

But one thing is certain, he is very loyal to the prince. Because he now has the【Absolute Loyalty】title.

If he wasn’t loyal to the prince the title wouldn’t have appeared.

Additionally, his initial words seem friendly. He shouldn’t be a bad person.


“Are these people the Prince’s friends?”

He said looking at us.

“Don’t you remember Dunst? These two are from Duke Marshall’s family, Mabel and Leon. Hadn’t you seen them at a party before?”

“Oh, that’s right. Those two have grown up and I didn’t recognize them. Then those are……”

“This is Fir of the Ice Empire, Aliyah, Dale, Bai Yuehuang, Mary, Oyado, Julian, Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli. Fir is the teacher of the two of the Marshall family.”


Dunst looked at me with narrowed eyes for a moment.

“You must be able to not only use magic, but a sword as well?”

“That’s not so, I only learned it for self defense.”

This guy…… he can tell that I can use sword skills just by looking at me? While I have publicly summoned【Tearing Blade】and learned sword skills from Bai Yueguang, I’ve learned other sword skills but never used them.

“Is that so? Then if you have a moment I could give some advice.”

He smiled and turned to prince Sillan.

“Your Highness, your rooms and dinner are ready, would you like to take a break or eat dinner first?”

“Let’s eat.”

Prince Sillan said, shrugging.

“Everyone should be hungry.”


Isn’t that shrugging posture something he learned from us?


———————————Happy New Year——————————


There was almost no talking at dinner. The butler had a very serious look and the atmosphere was unable to liven up.

Although he repeatedly stressed that he didn’t care, but even if he said that we simply can’t not mind it.

Back in the room, I discovered that I, Dale, Jullian and Bai Yueguang had been assigned to the same room.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with this arrangement as the same thing had been done with the girls.

From the words of the Second Prince…… it’s impossible to have the same room. Naturally the two from the Marshall family have their own room.

“What are we doing?”。

Bai Yueguang asked while shuffling.

You are shuffling and you ask me what to do?

“At this point shouldn’t the plot be to peep into the girls’ showers?”

Dale said, holding his chin.

“You’re daydreaming. I don’t want to think about it where we are. Shouldn’t only large baths have a peeping plotline? Besides, you don’t want to think about it but if we are discovered we will be completely screwed.”

What Bai Yueguang says is sensible. Thinking about it, although I don’t know what the culture in the Empire is like, but something like peeping shouldn’t be considered to be praiseworthy.

Oi. Not knowing what we were talking about, Julian gave us an odd look. While you are looking at us with curiosity, I don’t want to explain what we are talking about.

“That’s true.”

Dale shook his head in frustration.

“Well keep playing cards.

Bang Bang Bang!

Dale had just spoken when there was a knock on the door.

We looked back and Aliyah’s name was outside the door.

“That guy? What’s going on now?”

Opening the door, outside Aliyah was standing with her hair still wet.

“What’s wrong……”

“Everyone was gone after I took my shower!”


” ‘Ha’ my ass. I said that Ms. Mari, Tai Shixi, Oyado, Hei Luoli, and Falan are gone from the room!”

“What! Oyado was……”

“Was big brother looking for me?”

Hearing Oyado’s voice, we poked our heads out. Both Oyado and Tai Shixi were watching us from the corner, carrying bags of snacks.

“You are……”

“We went out to buy snacks. What happened?”

Tai Shixi said while chewing on the side of a biscuit.

“Very crafty! Are you planing on taking advantage of my absence to sneak attack big brother, Aliyah?”

“A sneak attack you demon! I saw that you were missing,  I thought you guys were gone too!”

“……Wait a minute.”

Tai Shixi frowned.

“It was just Oyado and me that went out to buy snacks.”


We looked at each other.

“Someone actually kidnapped Falan and Ms. Mari?”

Recently people haven’t had any caution……geez.


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