[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Unable to Live Casually


“So it was because of ‘Soul Movement’.”

After listening to my explanation Aliyah was the first to nod. Although she had a look of understanding, only she knew that she didn’t understand at all.

“My guess is that those who were in charge of cleaning up the site picked up the Soul Movement there. And then then when big sister Lilith put it on me, I was automatically downloaded into the body of Felicia and woke up.

“Well, in summary, your soul is in there.”

Bai Yueguang said as he sat cross-legged.

“But from that we can determine that they took away your body without the soul. But we don’t know if you were put inside of Soul Movement deliberately or if this happened by chance.”

“I think it’s the passive ability of Soul Movement to activate itself.”

I picked up Soul Movement and said.

“The description of this thing says that it can protect the user’s soul. Perhaps because the user’s soul was in a crisis it protected my soul.”

“It does? It looks like I will have to get one of those.”


I looked at them.

“I’m really concerned that Snake Eyes is able of making us incapable of relying on our strengths, and if what they said is true then we may loose the initiative.”

The strength I was referring to was the ability to revive. The ninja girl from Snake Eyes said that it would make me unable to revive. Snake Eyes would have the complete advantage if that is true.

This is really troublesome……

“In that case, let’s just stay in the college until we have more accurate information.”

Bai Yueguang suddenly said.

“Right now we don’t know where your body is and if you go out to look for it they might single you out. If you stay in the academy then we can protect each other. Even if they want to fight us, it would be hard for them to target us one by one.”

“That’s reasonable.”

I nodded.

“Then we’ll stay in the college for now. Aliyah, in addition to that, can you ask Lanya where she is? The biggest network now aside from ours should be Lanya’s.”

Although there is an intelligence dealer in the city that is a part-time nurse, I don’t want to be recognized like this.

“No problem, no problem. But, why don’t you go ask on your own?”

“Because I don’t want too many people to know that I’m a woman now. Really, it would be humiliating if too many people knew.”

It would be humiliating if people knew that I had used a girl’s body to escape.

“Really, that’s……”

“Aliyah was about to say something when Oyado grabbed her, pulled her to the side and whispered something into her ear.


Listening, Aliyah’s face lit up bright red. She looked at me, and then back at Oyado.


“What do you think?”

Looking at Aliyah, Oyado whispered.

“W……well, let’s do it.”

Aliyah nodded.

“What are you talking about……”

I feel like the relationship between the two of them has gotten pretty good recently…… it’s not a bad thing, but recently whenever I’ve seen them whispering I’ve gotten the feeling of an impending crisis.

“It’s nothing, nothing! Anyways, big brother has become a girl, can’t you just wear the school uniform? And it’s obvious that your uniform doesn’t fit, while we have a little bit of time we should go buy some new clothes.”

“New clothes……”

I opened my menu and looked.

Women’s clothes on me……there really isn’t that much, and most of them aren’t my size. In other words, except for Felicia’s armor, the school uniform and a set of heavy knight armor I had put in before, I didn’t have any other clothes I could wear.

Speaking of which, a few days ago I had ordered a set of t-shirts and jeans. But now that I’m in this body, while the jeans should be fine, there’s no way I’ll be able to wear the t-shirt and windbreaker.

“Well……This is actually fine for me. If it’s actually a big deal then I’ll buy a set of school uniforms. Going out buying clothes……”

I don’t want to waste money now. School uniforms are free anyways.

“How could that be!”

The two of them said in unison.

“Girls need to dress up!”

“That’s right! Otherwise it would be a waste of my big brother’s unusual body!”

“Stop! Oyado, don’t call me big brother, it makes me feel weird. Why do you care if I don’t go out and buy new clothes? That sort of thing doesn’t matter, right?”

“It does matter!”

The two of them said in unison.

“It seems big brother……no, it seems that big sister is completely braindead. Not well educated at all.”

“Yeah, no wonder he’s been a blockhead!”

“What are you talking about……”

I could feel a sense of crisis coming up and I took a few steps back.


I felt my back hit something, when I turned to look Hei Luoli was standing there.

“Ho……how did you get in here, Hei Luoli?”

Just a moment ago you said you would stay outside the men’s toilet. Taking a look, the door had opened and Bai Yueguang was watching me with a wry smile.

“Because you were sulking so much that I came to help?”


My words just had time to fall before she stabbed me with something.

In my status bar the paralyzation state appeared, and……it was actually going to last for 5 minutes!

Then she started to carry me on her shoulder.

“Come on Oyado and Aliyah, let’s go.”

Hei Luoli said in an aggressive tone.

“We are going to go buy clothes for Fir-chan. Bai Yueguang, be sure to protect us. We are all girls~”

“Yes, yes, yes……”

Bai Yueguang nodded and patted me while I laid on Hei Luoli’s shoulder.

“Come on.”

Come on your sister! If I wasn’t paralyzed then I would teach this gloating guy a lesson.

Like this, while being escorted by three girls, into the night air of the commercial district.



——————————Test Today——————————


At the same time, in the Witt Imperial College’s new airport


A pure white airship had landed ten minutes ago, and it’s door slowly opened. From inside ten saints came out in white clothes.

Leading them was a girl dressed in pure white armor. Based from her outfit alone, she had also reached the rank of saint.

“Miss Yerbil. We’ve been waiting a long time for you.”

The head of the college greeted her after a long wait at the airport.

“Thank you. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of trouble. We’ll begin the investigation immediately. Deliasad, you take three people and the person in charge of the database to see what information they’ve uncovered. Alier, you and the others will go to where the incident occurred, investigate it, and then look over the imperial college and the surrounding area. Give me a summary.


The ten people responded at the same time, and half of them suddenly disappeared.

“And then……”

Yerbil looked at the headmaster.

“Fir should have a lot of friends here, where are they? I want to meet them.”


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I’m Not A Pervert


“Don’t worry about it~”

Oyado rubbed against my chest.

“I put a ‘The Toilet Is Broken, Please Use Other Floors’ sign on the door, so it won’t be a problem.”


I blushed in shame.

Listening to her tone, it seems that Oyado knew that I would go to this toilet so she specifically stayed at my spot.

What should I do now? Honestly admit it or resist to the end? Actually deciding what to do depends on what my name is being displayed as.

That’s right, this body clearly isn’t mine so the name in the titles should clearly be different. That title is different from the ones I can see, the titles above my head are completely invisible to me.

Even if I looked in a mirror.

So the question is if my titles includes my name, then it wouldn’t make sense for me to try to hide. While the people of this world can’t see titles Aliyah can. And if I wait for Aliyah to come……

I’m screwed!

What can I do, what can I do!

Since my magic hasn’t restored I can’t use Flash Movement again. And what this body’s magical abilities! What the heck, mana only restores once every five seconds! With this kind of magical abilities no wonder the soul left the body. Why didn’t you learn martial arts? You actually went and became a magician.

This is a problem. I’m going to have to get some of the magical reagents that Mabel used or I won’t be able to use magic.

That’s not right, I don’t look like my normal self right now so how could somebody give me a magical reagent? It seems I’ll have to rely on my own abilities.

While I was thinking, the door to the toilet was kicked open and a red figure rushed in.

Needless to say, it was Aliyah.

She gave me a wicked smile. After staring at me for a long time a burst of laughter came out.

“Hahahahahaha! What’s with that disguise Fir! Hahahaha isn’t it too much even to hide yourself?”


It seems she can see my name. I didn’t know what it would look like……

(note: Aliyah saw her name as Felicia Molina (Lin Fir), the same name as the person who used it before)

Nevermind. If they can see it then I don’t need to hide. So tiring.

“It’s not a disguise, it’s what I look like now.”


Aliyah stopped halfway through a laugh. She stared at me for a while before coming up and squatting down.

“What……what are you doing?”

I looked at her in terror because first she had a strange expression on her face, and then smiled and finally gave out a bad laugh.

I watched her slowly reach out and pinch my face.

“Oh, it’s not a mask.”

“I said it wasn’t a disguise!”

“Just making sure……also……”

Saying that, her hand slipped down and reached into my uniform’s collar!

“Hey hey hey! You’re……Ah!”

Her hand came straight down to my chest and suddenly grabbed it.

This defenseless body sent a strange feeling of pain to my brain and I cried out without thinking.

But I was shocked by my cry.

It……it was a strange sound. It sounded really bad.

“What are you doing! Stop it, I can’t stand it!”

“Oh~ You’re actually an oppai.  Fir, your hobby really is excessive. You actually liked big oppai?”

“This has nothing to do with what I want. I looked like this when I woke up.”


Aliyah showed a panic-stricken look.

“Fir, could it be……the people from Snake Eyes went as far as to transform……transform you into a woman? Oh my god. Does their boss actually like you, but because you were a guy they transformed you into a woman?”

“Pfft. How many strange tv dramas did you watch to come up with such a contrived plot! That’s not what happened at all. Anyways, how long are you going to knead my chest! That’s quite enough!”

“Tch, I’m measuring your breast!”

Done, she gave a final squeeze and took her hand out.

I’m biting down hard to keep from calling out. Damn it, if I wear armor would you still try to pinch it?

“So hurry up and let go of me……hey, did you make some mistake? What the hell? Oyado, you actually went and fell asleep on me!”

I mean, the reason she wan’t talking was because she was asleep!

How the hell are you so relaxed that you could fall asleep on me? And the strength of your grip hasn’t decreased at all, should I praise you for your combat abilities?

“Oh. Good morning~”

I struggled a bit before Oyado woke up.

“Morning my ass, it’s almost nighttime. Now let go of me.”

“Yes, big brother……no, it should be big sister~”

Done, Oyado rolled and jumped off of me.

“Hold on……”

I got off of the ground and stared at Oyado for a minute.

“You knew from the beginning that it was me?”

“Yes! Even if big brother’s body changes, big brother is big brother. That feeling won’t change.”

“That’s……then why were you holding me!”

“Because big brother’s……wrong, big sister’s oppai looked really comfortable!”

Oyado responded with a casual expression.

Oh my god. Why did my sister become a pervert, what kind of bastard taught her this!

This is a hooligan’s behavior!

Ah, forget it. It’s useless to reason with them.

“Hey, regardless of that, I have a question. Do you know where my body is?”

“We have no clue.”

Aliyah shrugged.

“When we arrived back then, aside from Ryuuhime, Ryuuhiko, and the wreckage of the battle, there was nothing else.”

“Snake Eyes actually took my body away? What the hell……”

“So it was their boss……”


I stopped Aliyah’s delusion.

“In short, I was going to do my own research. But since you found out now, let’s investigate together……but, what sort of identity would be better to use……”

“You should just say that you are Fir’s sister.”

Aliyah said.

“Your identity is made up anyways.”


This body already has a sister……

“Big brother’s sister is my sister! That’s great!”

Oyado jumped up and laid in my back.

“Hey hey hey……”


Just then, Bai Yueguang came in, followed by Hei Luoli.

First he looked at me, then he looked at Oyado and Aliyah. Then he went and looked at the sign on the door.

“Sorry to disturb you.”

Then he and Hei Luoli went out, shutting the door.

“Come back here! What did you mean!”

It looks like I will have the identity of a pervert.


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Infiltration and Erotic Humiliation



Because my Appearance Manipulation magic isn’t usable, I can only go into the college looking like this. But since students don’t always come to class it isn’t unusual to see unfamiliar faces there.

There also isn’t any identification that proves you are a student, these clothes are excellent proof after all.

Naturally I didn’t steal these clothes but properly bought them. Since I am usually able to use the appearance manipulation technique so I took the chance to collect some clothes that I might use.

Except that these clothes were intended for my normal shape, so…… it’s a little bit tight. Especially in the chest and butt. There’s simply no way someone could move well.

Seriously, the bodies of girls are too strange. It’s with this troublesome body that Aliyah fought all of those annoying battles. If I actually said that I would be killed in a flash.

While I thought about that I walked along the familiar path to the back of the teacher’s building.

The traces of the battle were cleared away two days ago and the wreckage of the Ice Dragon had been carted away. Except for the traces of destroyed ground that hadn’t been repaired everything had returned to normal.

“Damn. Those guys from Snake Eyes have mastered some dark technology. I can’t see their levels or anything, so I don’t know how powerful they are. I just can’t fight them……”

Complaining, I looked around.

After the fight that day my consciousness cut off. What happened after that? What happened to my body? I don’t know the answers to either of these questions.

Although the terminal is showing other people I don’t want to contact them……

If they found out that I had become a woman they must not be allow to laugh at me, If they did I would loose face all over this entire world.

That being the case, first I need to find some clues to my body. It’s not a big deal anyways, the best situation would be to find my body and load my soul back into it. The worst case……

I would become the biggest laughingstock of them all!


I raised my spirits a little bit.

But this body’s level is too low so I can only depend on some equipment. Fortunately I can still access some of the items I had in my item bar, the only items I can’t find are those that I had put inside of my storage ring.

Rings, necklaces, and some trinkets……What amazed me was that this body had pierced ears. Although I didn’t think to bring earrings, but thanks to the ability to change clothes I was able to put on a pair of wind earrings.

When I took out the 【Eyepiece of Truth】I paused for a second before putting it on.

I don’t have the ability to use Phad’s Eye right now, so there’s no way that I would be able to survive when dealing people with question marks without the Eyepiece of Truth.

After I had changed my equipment, I headed over to the teacher’s office.

There should be something like an accident report after all. If I looked at that I should be able to find where my body is, right?

Walking over to the classrooms near the office, I waited until nobody was around before using shadow sneak to head straight up to the 5th floor.

Although it isn’t impossible to just walk in, there was a magical recorder at the door and I didn’t want this body to get into trouble.


Next time I’ll find a mask.

Another advantage of working here is that I have a good understanding of the layout of the building.

I went straight over to the archive’s door. Making sure that nobody was around, I took out a wire and used an unlocking skill on the door. The door clicked and opened.

There’s no one from here on. If I remember correctly, the teacher who took care of the archives has been busy lately and goes home early. The completed files collect the information from the day before and are put on a shelf. When they’re collected together a second time in a month, the unimportant files are put into a warehouse.

In other words, the file from two days ago should be near the top……I looked around on the shelf and saw the folder.

There’s a magical lock. What a nuisance.

I took the tin box with the folder out, covered half of the box with ice, struck it, and the box split right in half.

I took it out and gave a small smile, there was three pieces of paper.

“Confidential report · Snake Eyes intrusion report, attack report, yup, that’s it. The Imperial Intelligence Department’s seal is on this? To think that there would be documents from the Intelligence Department here. I wonder what relation the school has with them……”

Nodding, I continued reading.

“On the 13th day of eighth month in 2448 White Devil Era, the Imperial College is suspected to have been attacked by the terrorist organization [Snake Eyes]. From what has been gathered, in addition to 5 ninjas from [Snake Eyes], the Imperial College teachers Lin Fir and Ryuuhiko also participated in the battle. Ryuuhiko was seriously injured in the fight and has been moved to a hospital for treatment. The location of the other teacher, Lin Fir, is unknown after the fight. There were confirmed traces of Lin Fir at the location of the battle but there was no sign of his body. It is speculated that it was taken by Snake Eyes.

On the 14th, an Emergency Intelligence unit was formed by the Imperial Intelligence Department and the College. It is currently investigating and will report any further information”

The first page had only had that content and the next two pages were photographs.

Oh my god, what the heck is this. My body is still missing? Is there a mistake? They actually took my body to research it? That’s it, I’m not even mentioning that my body is a Undead Holy Angel. It’s disgusting that my body is sitting in a tank on a shelf somewhere!

What am I going to do? Where do I have to go to find my body? Has somebody developed a ‘find my body’ program? Who’s going to tell me what I need to do next?

Right then I heard the sound of someone running over. When I looked up I saw that a name was heading over here

Damn. I must have triggered an alarm. Have the guards been alerted?


I threw the file aside and tapped on the skill bar.

A second later I appeared inside the library’s mens bathroom. Or that old room, that old method.


“Damn, this is the mens toilet……”

My head was full of black lines. I looked at my clothes and looked around.

Confirming that nobody was nearby, I opened the mens bathroom door.

“Big Brother!”

A shadow darted out from an unknown location and I was knocked down.


When I looked closer, it was Oyado!

What is she doing here?

“Big Brother……eh? Not big brother? A big sister?”

Oyado put me on the ground and carefully looked over me, her face full of doubt.


“Although it’s a big sister, it feels a bit like big brother. Not the smell but the feeling…… hold on a second.”

Done, Oyado turned on the headphones.

“Hey, big sis Aliyah? I caught big brother in the place you mentioned……no, it’s a big sister. I don’t know what’s going on so come and take a look.”

“That is……”

I asked with a weak smile.

“Could you stop pushing down on me……it’s a bit uncomfortable.”


Oyado replied beaming.

“Because big sister is a suspicious person I can’t let you go.”

Then she laid down on me and put her head on my chest, but the power in her arms wasn’t anything weak.

Are you treating me like a pillow? This is a shame play!

“Please, there has to be some sort of mistake……this is the mens bathroom!”


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The New Identity


I had to explain time and time again that I was Fir under the girl’s worried gaze.

The girl in front of me keeps calling me Felicia, I’ve never even heard that name before.

But when I tried to move I found out how serious the situation was and why she kept calling me that name.

I had just turned into a maiden.

That’s right, I had turned into a teen girl. But calling me a girl isn’t quite right. I haven’t become a teenage girl……I’ve been put into a girl’s body and I’m controlling it.

The terminal, skills and everything else is there, except that I’m now level 10. Right now most of the skills are grayed and in an unusable state.

But most of my usual skills are still there so it isn’t that big of a deal for me.

But it makes me a bit worried that there isn’t anyone I can contact in the terminal and there’s no way for me to find them either.

On that day…… I was killed by the Snake Eyes ninja, right? Then what happened? Why am I in this girl’s body?

It feels like I’m under a strong seal and can only let a little power out.

And I’m a girl.


Aside from that, their taste in pajamas is bad too. Some sort of strawberry pattern or something. I feel ashamed.

Even more shameful is oppai down below. Although I don’t know much about the female body, but this size……it’s probably a C……D? It shouldn’t be an E. How about I find some armor, it’ll be troublesome to move around without it.

But when I looked down and saw the necklace on my neck I understood why I was in this body.

I was wearing a very rare piece of equipment, the only piece of soul equipment ‘Soul Movement’.

The jewelry can store a soul inside of it. Before Pryn had given it to me she had spent some time inside of it and handed it over when she had gotten her new body.

I didn’t realize that this thing had my soul inside of it. Is that why I didn’t resurrect?。

But what happened to my body? It looks like I will have to search for clues at the Imperial College.

“Felicia. Can you hear me Felicia?”

Suddenly, the girl in front of me grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me.

“I……I heard you! Stop shaking!”

I said, quickly breaking away.

“I’m sorry. I thought you had fainted again. What am I supposed to do if that happened! Wuuuuuu……”

She actually started crying.

“Hey hey hey, don’t cry. It’s my fault, ok? Felicia or Fericia, you can call me what ever you want. But I want to ask you something, where is this……”


The girl suddenly looked up at me.

“Did……did you lose your memories? That explains it. You wouldn’t remember if you lost your memories……”


I was about to say something when if suddenly felt like my brain was split in half and some weird memories started pouring in!

“This is……”

It’s like my fragments of memories, what appeared in my mind was bits and pieces of memories. It wasn’t very clear but it let me know a little about this body’s owner……

Hold on……

If I can read the memories of this body……it means that there some remains of the original soul in it……

In other words……

Most of this body’s soul has disappeared!



“Eh? You’re remembered? You remembered!”

She came in closer. I wanted to mover back but there was already a wall behind me.


I leaned against the wall.

“Don’t……don’t get too close……”

I could feel her breath on my face and I could smell some sort of fruity scent.

She……Do you like the smell of fruit?

No no no. It’s not the time to get wrapped up in that question, she’s suddenly gotten too close. Although I haven’t gotten so close to the opposite sex before……but now she’s coming in close to me because I’m using her sister’s body. Thinking about it, I always felt that it would be cheap to take advantage of someone in a time like this.

“What’s wrong? Is……has Felicia reached a rebellious age? Tell me clearly that you’ll be with your sister forever.”


I’m not the person you’re talking to. Her soul has disappeared……

But I can’t tell her that. From Felicia’s memories I can tell these sisters had a good relationship. If I told her that Felicia’s soul is gone, then maybe…… she might not be able to think for some time.

No. I absolutely will not allow that to happen!

“Don’t worry. I will always be with my sister……just……don’t lean in so close, that……”

“Really, why are you being so shy!”

She puffed out her cheeks and hugged on to me and put me into bed.


I almost cried out. Hearing yourself scream……it’s a terrible sound.


I suddenly felt wetness on my shoulder. Lilith was……are you crying?

“It’s so wonderful that you woke up. Don’t……don’t do any more of those dangerous missions, ok? If I lost you I…… I can’t.”

“Ok, ok, I won’t. So……”

I slowly hugged her and whispered in her ear.

“Please don’t cry, ok?”


——————————————LL finally drew UR, I’m happy—————————————

(TL: No clue)


“You……Felicia, don’t you need to rest more?”

Lilith asked concernedly asked as I was changing my clothes.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any problems.”

My HP is full, I have no abnormal conditions, this could be called my standard state.

It’s this body……hey, I don’t know how to change my clothes. It’s because of the underwear. I wouldn’t know where to look otherwise.


Her armor is really awkward to wear. Although I usually push a button to change clothing, but these clothes are a really common type. And there’s her armor, first put on an inner corset then buckle on the armor on it, then button it in the back, and finally I had to twist my body around to reach the zipper.

It’s a lot of trouble……

“Really, you aren’t that agile yet and you are rushing to get out……”

Lilith said on the side. Walking behind me, she helped me pull the zipper and buttoned it up.

“Well, it’s getting dark now. Don’t stay out too long. Come back quickly.”

“Yes, I know.”

I nodded and picked up the sword sitting by me.

“I’m heading out.”

“Stay safe.”

Waiting until Lilith closed the door, I quickly walked over to a nearby alley, and replaced my clothes with a schoolgirl’s gown.

“All right.”

I tied my hair up and came out of the alley.”

“Let’s see what happened these last few days!”

I looked at the school in the distance and smiled.


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Conversion


At the same time in the Imperial College Female Dormitory

Oyado had just changed clothes to get ready for a shower, but the moment she stepped infront of the door her whole body froze.

“What’s wrong?”

Aliyah, who was in the same dorm, gave Oyado an odd look as she stood in the bathroom door.

“Big brother is……”

Oyado slowly turned around.

“Big brother……I can’t feel him……”

“Can’t feel him?”

“Master’s soul signature has gone missing!”

Purewhite flung open the door and rushed in.

“Master’s soul signature has gone missing, can you two help me find out what is going on?”

“Of course!”

Oyado rushed over to her clothes, and put them on along with her armor.

“I understand. I……”

Aliyah looked at her surroundings on the minimap.

“Right, did you hear any sounds of fighting just now?”

“I did, is it big brother……..but there wasn’t any strong fluctuations in in ice magic.

Oyado replied.

“So there was fighting, but there wasn’t any ice magic…… Fir must have come across a really troublesome opponent and had to use other methods to fight…… There’s no way. Looks like we’re going to have to call others. Come on, let’s see what’s happening.”

Done, Aliyah put on her clothes and sent messages to the others through the terminal.

‘Behind the school. Fir may have a serious problem. Urgent!’




Less than a minute later, the three girls came to the roof of the school building near the incident. They realized at the same time why the noise of the fight had been so quiet. The surrounding had been wrapped in a special enchantment. Inside of it they could see the remains of the ice dragon on the ground, with the bodies of a dead ninja, Ryuuhime, and Ryuuhiko on a side.

While they were wounded, the HP bars showed that they were still alive.。

But the barrier was stopping them from entering.

More importantly, they couldn’t see Fir inside the barrier.

“Where’s Fir?”

Oyado looked at the others.

“I feel like the last signs from master disappeared were from in here, so……”

Purewhite was very anxious as she said that.

Aliyah was looking around the area. She knew that Fir didn’t have the ability to hid his name. He had disappeared, and his soul signature had disappeared. There was only one possibility.

If they disappeared from here, then they probably left using something like dimensional magic.

“……He was kidnapped?”

A sound came from behind Aliyah, saying what she was thinking.

Turning around, Ms. Mari was behind her.

“I got your message. It seems like something incredible has happened……”

Ms. Mari said as she looked at the ice dragon.

“If I’m remembering correctly, doesn’t Fir only use the ice dragon when he is fighting with someone who is at least the same rank as him? If you look at it you can see that the head has clearly been crushed. The only way that could happen is……”

“The opponent was stronger than Fir and and forcibly stopped his skill……Fir must have been hit by the magical backlash. But then there is only one scenario that could explain this……Fir may have actually lost and was abducted.

It’s unclear when Dale appeared from the side. He pushed his glasses up and touched the barrier.

“A purely magical barrier……Bai Yueguang, I’ll rely on you.”

“Super Arcane · Separation.”

The voice faded, a blade flashed, and a hole like a door appeared in the barrier. At the same, a white shadow flashed into it and stabbed into the center causing the magical barrier to disappear.

Bai Yueguang put away his sword and looked at the group.

“It looks like it’s a lot of trouble. Someone is going to notice this soon now that the barrier is gone. Let’s clean things up and get out of here.”

“Already done.”

Oyado came over to the group and dropped a bag with Ryuuhime and Ryuuhiko in it.

“Those ninjas are both in here. Let’s go somewhere else to talk about it.”


The last person to come over was the uniformed Irlin, she came over from one of the houses on the side. Only Aliyah had discovered her earlier. Not long after they had arrived on the scene, Irlin had hurried over.

“I heard what you said. Fir……He’s been kidnapped?”

“Yes, do you know anything about it?”

“No……but……come with me. I’ll take you over to the Ice Emperor. Maybe he can help.”


Ms. Mari said, rubbing her chin.

“Sounds fun.”




48 Hours Later

Location: Imperial Capital Toni District

The Toni District. One of the first 5 districts of the Imperial Capital. Logically speaking, after such a long period of growth it should be quite wealthy.

But in reality it was now the poorest section of the Royal Park. Most of the people here worked in other parts of the city to feed their families. For those who can’t provide labor for their families will experience the most basic parts of evolution——Survival of the fittest, and fade away.

As it is part of the Royal Capital, the Royal Family has put forward several policies to bring wealth to the area but they have been opposed by the aristocracy.

Those nobles enjoy the cheap labor that the area generates. It will be hard to implement the policies long as the area provides the cheap labor.

And inside this district lived a pair of sisters.

One of the sisters worked in a coffee shop in the neighboring Langdon District, and the other sister joined a mercenary group after teaching herself a bit of magic and they relied on that meager pay to survive.

While their lives were busy, the sisters didn’t complain about it. After they had lost their parents at a young age they knew that their lives were better than most others in the district.

However, disaster has never been reluctant to spare anyone in this area. In her last campaign, one of the sisters had taken a direct hit from a high level Thunder Wolf. Although her life was saved, she fell into a long coma and to this day she has been unconscious for a full three months.

This caused a new problem for the family as the sister had to spend more time at work to earn the necessary money.

Thankfully the manager at the shop where the sister worked was a kind person. Knowing the condition that her sister was in, he increased her hourly wages and allowed her to take the remaining food home at the end of the day.


“Filiya, I’m back~”

The door was slowly pushed open and Lilith came in with the packaged food.

Lilith is only 17 years old, but the hard work she put in made her look more mature. Her golden curls were carefully combed because in the coffee shop it wasn’t good enough to just have a nice dress.

The room was the home of two people. Both of their beds were hidden away with a curtain. Past that is the living room and the kitchen, with the only side room being the bathroom.

Lilith put something down and headed over to the beds.

“Hey Filiya. Are you feeling any better today? The manager brought me some corn soup today. Hold on and I’ll feed you some. By the way, I’ve gotten you a small present. You always said you wanted it. Martha picked it up today while cleaning up in the Imperial College. I’ve told her about you before, so we traded. I’m sorry, there was supposed to be apple pie today but it was worth it to get something good.

While Lilith was saying that, Felicia was motionless on the bed with her eyes open. Unlike her sister’s blonde hair, Felicia’s long black hair came from her father. But because of the long stay in the bed it had been cut short.

While her eyes were open, they showed no trace of life and stared at the cracked ceiling.

“Ohh, I know you’ll like it, but we need to eat first.”

While she said that, Lilith took out an iron thermos and slowly opened it.

Getting a spoon, she filled the spoon with the corn soup, chewed it, gently opened Felicia’s mouth and fed her the soup.

It’s impossible. You can’t expect to have a liquid diet in this age. You have to rely on food for energy intake in this world. Without it, Felicia would have died from malnutrition a long time ago.

This scene lasted for ten minutes. After she had fed everything to her sister, Lilith breathed a sigh of relief.

“About what I was talking about before, it’s time for your gift~”

As she said that, Lilith slowly took a necklace out of her coat pocket and slowly put it around Felicia’s neck.

“It’s perfect~ All right, I’m going to go clean up.”

Lilith smiled. Holding the plate, she pulled open the curtains and went into the kitchen.


She had only manage to take two steps before a voice came from behind.

“It’s……do you have any food? I seem to have been asleep for a long time and I’m very hungry.”

Lilith turned back to the source of the in surprise. Freezing for a second, the items in her hands fell to the ground.

“F……Felicia……you’re awake?”


The girl called Felicia scratched her black hair with a face filled with confusion.

“My name isn’t Felicia, it’s Fir. Lin Fir.”


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 11

TL: A mixture of lack of motivation as well as having a much more important project that I need to finish off has kept me from doing any translating this past week or so. The project is in its later stages……but needs some major work still. I’ll see if I can get some more chapters done but I won’t rely on the 1-2 chapters a week schedule I’ve had for most of the last year. Also, it’s been over a year since I started translating this!

Chapter 11: Seal


Going across the school grounds in the middle of the night……when this sort of plot happens in gal games it means that something magical was going to happen that night. While it is true that I am going to find a maiden, but it is clear that a difficult battle is awaiting me.

As I landed on a roof near my destination, two kuni flew at me at the same time as my alarm went off. There basically wasn’t any time to react at all!

At the same time a ninja with a 【Cannot be displayed due to equipment】over their head dropped in front of me. This guy obviously wasn’t going to let me pass.

Ah……It looks like a girl. Although they are wrapped up tightly I can see that their chest isn’t small.

Don’t tell me she’s only a man with large pectoral muscles. If so I’m going to humanly destroy her now.

Glancing behind her, at the same time on the drilling field Ryuuhime was fighting with another woman. The other ninja…… I can’t tell. Over their head is a 【Unable to Display】title. For the other girl……they should be Ryuuhime’s original target, their name is……


What? Ryuuhiko ?
(TL:  龙阳 =Ryuuhiko = dragon man, 龙姬 = Ryuuhime= dragon woman)

My mouth started to twitch.

There’s a Ryuuhiko , and a Ryuuhime. It seems that I’ve triggered an interesting event……

“You seem very relaxed. You even have time to look at other girls, Fir.”

Suddenly, the ninja on the roof spoke.


I  looked at her strangely. After a moment I realized something.

“So that’s how it is. You’re someone from another world too, right?”

“Yep. Don’t call it another world. We call ourselves【21 Century People】.”

“You actually went and named yourselves. I would have thought that you would have called yourselves【Adventurers】or 【Heroes】.”

“That was originally true, but I didn’t think it sounded cool enough.”

“Okay, I’m not here to listen to your speeches on cool things. Tell me, what are you doing this time? If I’m right you should be someone from Snake Eyes, right?”

“Oh right. Our job……well, you don’t need to worry about that. It won’t effect your life on campus.”

“How dare you. You blew up my school and now you’re planning something evil?”

“So what?”

“I’m saying that, despite whatever you have planned, I can’t let you kill those two.”

“……Is that right?”

She assumed a combat stance.

“You’re going to use your strength to force a showdown?”

“Well~ That’s right. Otherwise……things will be boring if you ruined school!”

With that I spread out both of my wings. With a single wave, five skeleton warriors armed with bone knives surrounded the enemy from different directions.

At the same time I summoned an ice sword and accelerated in.

I’m going to have to work hard to be faster than a ninja in this battle!

The ice sword slashed across her. Although it felt like something was cut, in the next moment a piece of wood split in half.


At the same time I heard the sound of five blows. At that moment the five skeletons stopped moving and the glow in their eyes disappeared.

Were they killed?

I flew into the sky. I can’t see them now, but if I get attacked then the skeletons would be unrelated to me.

As I rose, a chain coming from below wrapped around my foot. I wanted to break just as an attack alarm appeared followed by an explosion behind me. In the next instant I was blown down by the force of the explosion!

“Haha, a level 40 actually dared to challenge me. Go back and get more practice.”

When that reached my ears numerous unseen attacks began to strike me continuously. The feeling of pain? I’m used to that now. But I could see my HP falling and I realized how serious this was.

Arcane · Ice Domain!

The cold air swept around me and their figure slowly appeared. While they are still fast, I can somehow see their figure.

I flew into the air and quickly restored my HP.

Next I locked onto the Ninja!

Arcane · Legendary · Summon Ice Dragon!

A huge ice dragon flew out of the magical formation and rushed towards the ninja with its jaws! They gave up their attack, did two backflips, and at the same time summoned countless fireballs to strike at the dragon.

Then they jumped onto the ice dragon’s head. The kuni in their hands turned into a huge flaming bird and they thrusted down.


After the loud explosion the ice dragon cracked apart! Beginning from its head, the entire dragon shattered into pieces!

At the same time my HP dropped by half, and a red fluid sprayed from my mouth.


This is……magical backfire?

“Awesome. You could still use more magic. I underestimated you.”

In a second they appeared in front of me. She was standing on a block of ice that was flying in the air.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to how you use your skills, we know you all too well. Also, our level is much higher than yours. You might as well be your teacher. Now, stop meddling in our affairs. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Ha ha……”

I smiled.

“I hate it……when someone threatens me! Arcane · Angel’s Halo! Super Arcane · Double Edged Sword · World Tear!”

Angel’s Halo, like it’s name, restores all HP and makes me invincible for 3 seconds. Of course, it takes 500 MP to cast and will leave me weakened for an hour afterwards. The Double Edged Sword Tear is an evolution of the punishment cross. I don’t generally use it because…… the attacker will also take the same damage as the target.

That’s why I needed to be invincible.

A sword shaped like a red cross appeared in my hands, only it was extremely long. Simultaneously, I felt that the my hand that held the sword was pierced by something, but I didn’t take any damage due to invincibility.

“Go to hell! Return to the cemetery and repent!”

The red blade pierced her chest, and then, blood sprayed from my chest as well. I quickly pulled the sword out, but the wound in my chest didn’t heal.

Three seconds……was it not enough time?

But there was some good news. I saw the ninja’s HP empty out. When she clasped the wound in her chest her body turned into white fragments and drifted away.


I looked at my HP that was almost gone and laughed.

“Big brother can restore his own health. Doesn’t that make you afraid?

Done,  I completely restored my HP with my white wings.

At the same time the wounds on by body quickly began to close.

I got up and went to the edge of the roof. The battle is still going on with both sides evenly matched. It seems to be a hard fight.

“Well, are you going to help them?

Suddenly a childish voice came from behind me. Before I could look back, there was a stinging sensation in my back, and then I collapsed on the roof.


My HP hasn’t dropped and there wasn’t any abnormal status displayed but I could feel my body getting weaker and weaker as my consciousness became blurry.

“Did you know big brother? This was developed to deal with【21 Century People】like us. Dr. Edison made a device that can seal a person’s soul. So you aren’t going to die, and can’t be resurrected……the closest way to describe it……you’re going to become a vegetable~ Well~ Enjoy……”

The figure in front of me became blurrier followed by the loss of my senses as my consciousness disappeared.


The End


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(not the actual end. couldn’t help myself.)

[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Night Mission


“So Your Majesty, do you like sweets that much?”

Watching the Emperor slowly eating in front of me caused my head to fill with black lines.

“Well, while there are sweets in the palace, I am often reminded to think of my blood sugar levels.”

“Looking at the way you are……you really need to control it.”

looking at the empty cup on the table I had to keep smiling as I continued.

“Well, I don’t think you asked me to meet you because you wanted to eat a sundae.”

“Ha ha. That’s right, but if you want one I can send someone to get it.”

“Do you have any strawberry flavored?”

“Of course……Willis.”

“Right, I’ll make one right now.”

The sound came from the side, but I didn’t see anyone or even a title.

“Invisibility? Or something else?”

“Well, everyone has their own cards. Don’t mind it.”

“Alright, as you say Your Majesty.”

Just as I said that, a sundae in a cup suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the table.

I don’t know if it’s scary or not, but the way it appeared is……

“So Your Majesty, what did you want from me?”

“Right, about that, I had heard that you had become a teacher in the Witt Empire’s Imperial College and stopped by to say hello.”

As he spoke, he put emphasis on those four words.

“Well, that’s right. I took up a part-time job in my free time. I don’t think you care about a magician who has nothing to do taking up a part-time job, right?”

“Of course, I don’t mind at all.”

His Majesty took a bite out of the sundae before continuing.

“Then you wouldn’t mind a little additional work.”

“Additional work?”

I was initially surprised but came back in a moment. I think I can understand the connection to what’s going on.

“You are allowing me to join the Ice Empire’s Intelligence Department?”

“Well……that would be too obvious. You’ll just do a little shadowing in the Witt Empire, it’s not a large operation.”

“So that’s it. Then the work won’t be too annoying.”

“You just need to pay a bit more attention when going around, and give anything to the shop clerk.”

“Well, that would be no problem Your Majesty. Is there anything else I should know about?”


He looked down at his sundae and then back at me.

“Are you going to eat your sundae?” “No I’m not.”


——————————Dusk settles like a dog——————————


It was already midnight when I returned to my dorm.

To prevent something else from happening, I locked the door and put a fortification spell on the door, in case someone tried to break it down.

So much has happened today, it’s really tiring to be a teacher.


The actual reason I was tired wasn’t because I was a teacher, but because there were too many things to do here.

In addition, I don’t have much free time.


My headphones suddenly started to beep so I quickly took them out.


“Fir, this is Ryuuhime.”

She sounds like she’s breathing hard, she must be running.

“Well, it seems that you’ve already started to use some technology. What happened? Is there some trouble?”

“You should come over to the dense forest by the school.”

Hey hey! Is there a mistake, someone’s asking me to go into the jungle in the middle of the night? Especially a girl?

Of course, I know this might not be a good thing.

“Ok…… What’s going on?”

“My target…… is fighting another ninja.”

“I’m going to go right away, but why is there another ninja?”

“I don’t know, but…… it tells me two things. First, we found the right person. Second, I…… may have been abandoned by the organization.”


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 9

Ice Empire Intelligence


As I came out of the alley I spotted Oyado, who had changed clothes, along with Princess Snow.

I’ll put Ryuuhime aside for the moment. She’s an assassin anyways, she shouldn’t do anything outrageous.

Oyado wore an evening dress. A short purple skirt matched with short black hair is simply a foul move.

Normal lolicons will be unable to control themselves! If I found out that someone touched Oyado I’ll destroy them. Oyado should be safe in school though.


“That’s not right!”

I walked over to them.

“Are we going to see his majesty? Why are you wearing evening gowns? It’s not a dinner party or something……”

“Ah. I forgot that you aren’t a noble……”

Princess Snow looked like she was at her wit’s end.

“Fir, please spend some time read a few books on imperial etiquette. It’s natural that a young girl like Oyado would wear an evening gown. What else would she wear?”

“Yeah……” I gave a bitter smile.

I don’t really care. After all, I normally just play games. The first thing I look for in clothes is their stats, then I check their appearance and mission specific requirements. Who would care what you are wearing aside from that.

If it weren’t that the stats of the clothing aren’t that good in this world, I would have gone and collected some high powered gear already.

But the clothes in this world only increase defense at most. Bonuses aside from that…… some add a little bit of speed, some add a little bit of attack, but the effects aren’t that noticeable.

So I just went for the second option and picked clothes that just looked good.

But to be honest, as for what is a special occasion and what clothes to wear, I haven’t looked into those at all.

It seems like I have a book on the clothing of the Elves……

Forget it. Since I have authority over here, I’ll just hand over authority to deal with it.

“Then I don’t need to change? I am a teacher after all……”

“Um……no. You’ll need to change. Kubes!”

“Your Highness, what is it?”

“Take Mr. Lin over to change into a formal evening dress. Right, if you can’t find the right clothes in a short amount of time take him over to the Marshall’s home. Didn’t they say that they recently made an formal dress with mithril in it?”

“I understand.”

The old butler responded with formality.

“Wait a minute. Who’s going to protect the you?”

I asked Princess Snow.

“It’s ok. I have Irlin and Oyado with me~”


I looked at Oyado.

“Oyado, take good care of the Princess. Contact me with the headphones if you have any questions.”

“It’s fine, leave them to me big brother!”

Oyado said with confidence.

“This way please.”

With that the old butler stepped down from the carriage and gestured towards the men’s dorms.

That’s right. It was some sort of dormitory for male nobles……


——————————Kirishima and Haruna don’t love me————————

(TL: They’re from the Kantai Collection)


It was dark when I left the men’s dorm with a new outfit.

Well, it would be better if I described the clothes. This new outfit has the same defensive strength as normal soft armor, but it’s very light and it has properties that strengthen magical attacks. I’m not worthy to call it equipment.

“Say sir.”

But we don’t have a carriage, so we are walking to our next destination at a brisk pace.

It’s faster than the carriage is……but the trip is quite boring, so I talked to him instead.

“Maa, what’s up?”

“You should be extremely relieved that my sister is protecting Princess Snow.”

“Ha ha ha. You know about that better than I do. If your sister wanted somebody to die it would be impossible for me to stop it. Because of her strength, anyone daring to get close to Princess Snow is looking for death.”

“I didn’t actually expect that you would be able to see that sir.”

“But……if it were you, I’m not quite as certain.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I don’t thing that you are strong, but you can quickly become stronger.”

“You’re telling me that you are guiding me at such a fast pace to test me?”

“Ha ha ha. You walk faster than the guards anyways, that’s all I can say. Okay, we’re here.”

With that he stopped in front of a snack shop that didn’t seem to be too popular.

I was almost scared by him and rushed a bit past before stopping.

Fortunately there was nobody in our path, or they would think we were some sort of crazy.

“This sort of small shop again? It seems His Majesty loves such simple shops.”

“If you say so……that’s right.”

The butler smiled before heading into the store and nodding to the clerk at the door.

And that clerk……well, it’s strange to see them here. The clerk was clearly a spy for the Ice Empire.

Because his titles had【Ice Empire Spy】in it. I’ll keep an eye out in other cities, I might be able to find more of them.


Collection Quest Start

Collection Quest – Ice Empire Intelligence Network

By discovering Ice Empire spies in the city, the intelligence network can be unlocked.

Discover 30 to unlock the ability to use the Ice Empire Intelligence Network.

Discovered so far 1/30


World-chan, you are too much. I hate collection quests.


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[RPG] Vol 10 Chapter 8

TL: Ok, after going through some of chapters I realized that volume 9 wasn’t the first time Longji has shown up. She actually appeared back when Scrya was translating things, she was the ninja that was hiding under the airship that Tai Shixi spotted as they were leaving Skybreak City in volume 7. The reason I hadn’t noticed was because Scrya translated their name as Ryuuhime. The question is, would it be better for the readers if I changed her name so that they matched to keep people from getting confused? Or should I just put down a note that they were the same person in the chapter when Longji first appears? Which name do people find easier to read?

[龙姬 = Longji (Chinese) = Ryuuhime (Japanese) = Dragongirl (English, not an option)]

Chapter 8: Unexpected People


“So it’s because you couldn’t find any clothes that fit her?”

Princess snow listened to our explanation before looking towards Oyado.

“But why did you suddenly say you were looking for me? I’m a lot taller than Oyado!”

“Oh? You are?”

I went to their side.

“Yeah, half a head taller.”

“That’s still taller!”

“Then may I ask, Your Highness, how old are you?”


“Oyado is only 7 years old.”


Princess Snow looked at Oyado with disbelief before turning back to me.

“That……that can’t be right? That’s a lie right? How can that be?”

Princess Snow’s expression was filled with despair.

“That’s right, it’s the truth!”

I said back to Princess Snow.

“But it mot as if there is no solution.”


Princess Snow suddenly said.

“What method is it?”

‘Cough cough. How about if you let Oyado borrow clothes I’ll tell you?”

“No problem!”

Princess Snow agreed without any hesitation.

“Come with me. I didn’t need any more clothes anyways.”

With that she waved her hand towards the carriage door.

Irlin quietly asked from the side.

“Fir, do you actually know a way to grow taller?”

“Yep. Did you also want to know it, Irlin? You haven’t  grown very tall yet.”

“Oh no. I was……just curious……”

She said with a bit of a blush before turning around.

“Let’s go. We can’t leave the princess waiting.”

With that she walked towards the carriage.

Oyado and I followed silently behind her.


————————————Dusk settles like a dog————————————


I was shocked when Princess Show had the carriage pull up in front of an apartment for nobility. The information I got from the school said that the royalty usually bought a courtyard near the college.

As she left the carriage I decided that she must have wanted to try out the dorm lifestyle.

“Sorry, the house I bought is still being fixed. It’s still messy, so I’ve put everything into a dorm room for now.

“Ah……so that’s it.”

“What’s wrong? Why do you look disappointed? Sorry, the student dorm is sort of cramped. Hurry up and pick some clothes and we can head over to the hotel and wait for father.”

I could only giggle as Princess Snow completely failed to understand our expressions.

“Well then. Go ahead ad get some clothes Oyado. I will just wait outside.”

“Eh? Why?”

“What do you mean why? Even if I am a teacher I can’t casually stroll into the girls dorm.”


Princess Snow nodded and Oyado and Irlin followed her into the dorm.

I glanced at the coachman. It seems that the Ice Emperor wasn’t comforted with Irlin’s strength. There’s no other reason for him to send in a level 60 swordsman.

Ah, they’re looking at me. Seriously. Who would want to be singled out by an old man like you? If I win it would be like I bullied an old man, and it also wouldn’t be good if I lost either. It’s really sad.


Suddenly there was an attack alert coming from behind. I turned to the source of the warning but all that was there was Longji staring at me in the distance.

Didn’t I give you a headset? Why did you run over here?

I hurried over to her and the quickly turned a corner into an alley before using shadow sneak to rush over to Longji.

“What happened? I thought you had a headset you could contact me with?”

“Won’t use it.”

Those three simple words left me speechless.

“Ok. Let’s talk then. What’s wrong?”

“Ah, I may have found my target, so I am talking to you beforehand.”

“You mean…… the person in the photo? You’ve confirmed it?

“It should be. The number of people who use those weird weapons…… I don’t think there are many of them?”

“Oh. How do you know about their identity?”

While I was talking, I noticed that there was someone outside.

While I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with Longji and I gave her a job of cutting things in the school kitchen, but she is wearing her ninja outfit now. I’ll have to be careful.

“Um, they seem to be a teacher at this school.”


“That’s right. It seems that people think that the eastern martial arts would be useful after someone has lost their weapon, so……”

“This school is crazy……what are they thinking……”

I’m worried about the IQ of the school administration.

But when I think about it, people without skills keep trying to control me. It’s a characteristic of the school.

“Alright, I understand. What are you going to do? Head straight over and kill her?”


Longji was silent for a moment.

“I want to……watch for a bit.”


“Because I think…… there is a strange feeling. I wan’t to find out what it is.”

“Strange feeling?”

Just when I wanted to ask her about it, she disappeared.

It looks like she isn’t going to do it. There’s no helping it. After this chat I needed to solve another girl’s problem.

I thought silently.


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