[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Going to Church   POV: Fir "So Beatrice and Michua said that they would be coming in a few days, but they still haven't come over?" Although Mari-sensei had contacted Beatrice two days ago it seems that they... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Sibling Love is a Superior Love   After following Beatrice a short distance, we saw her go into a nondescript entrance in the walls. I gestured for Bergis to go in and immediately entered. "Be~a~trice~" Pushing the door... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 09

Chapter 9: Revisiting Nightsteel City   POV: Mary   "Seriously, why do I have to go to Nightsteel city? Would it not work if I didn't go? After Fir got the information from the Kjell family, Bergis and I got... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 08

Chapter 8: Un, Sounds Familiar   "Mr. Lin, You use Ice Knight magic, isn't that right?" After dinner, as soon as the servants had taken away the cutlery Musred spoke. It's a really straightforward question, but something a normal person... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 07

Chapter 7: The Kjell Family   The Kjell Family, along with the Marshall Family, controls half of the magical power of the Witt Empire so the struggle between them has never ended. The Kjell Family is the weakest of the... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 06

Chapter 6: Only Profit   "A Dragon......" In the Medical Institute's first floor staff lounge, Alexia sat with us, slowly drinking an unknown blue drink. People around her had retreated to three meters away, or at least the nearest tables... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 05

Chapter 5: Those that dare to fight a dragon   "She's like me, a teacher." "Oh~" Alexia glanced at Aliyah as she laid in her arms before lying her against the wall. "Well, I didn't think that I'd be able... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 04

Chapter 4: Talking with a pervert   "So that means the remaining seven people have strong characters?" Returning to the present, half a week has passed and only one of the eight troublesome students had agreed. The remaining people were... Continue Reading →

[RPG] Volume 11 Chapter 03

Class gathering ---- Enna   Even though I said it was an old friend, it was actually someone we knew well. Along with Aliyah and Oyado, the three of us took a couple of turns and entered into the residential... Continue Reading →

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