Chapter 32: Momiji Speech


Entering the women’s room, even though it looked like the men’s room, I can’t adjust to it.

I know the reason for this feeling is the change in my gender. Helpless, I sighed and walked over to the mirror.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I had to smile a little.

Obviously I was a young and vigorous young boy before, and now that I’ve become a girl I have become less and less curious about them.

This is bad. Right now I’m just becoming less interested in girls. Won’t I be finished if I became interested in boys?

No matter how amazing I am, I’m in a woman’s body now, and still under the influence of glands.

Looks like I’ll have to go back to Michua and see if there are any drugs that can suppress the endocrine system or, sooner or later, it will be the end for me.

“Hey, you’ve actually developed the habit of looking at yourself in the mirror.”

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened, and Aliyah stood in the doorway and stared at me.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so bored.”

I spread out my arms.

“It’s just because I have strong feelings about becoming a girl. What are you doing?”

“Well, I was just worried that you were in trouble again. Like you said, you’re a girl now and you don’t know how to do a lot of things, right?”

This time I have to agree with Aliyah’s words. After all, so far the normal behaviors of girls, including how to go to the toilet, what to do about a period, and so on, all were things that Aliyah had to explain to me.


When I listened, my entire body felt dead, but it was incomprehensible. If you operated two different bodies, then you would need to have two different classes after all.

So it’s better to complain less, and be a better person.

“Should be……no problem, well……”

As I spoke, I walked over to a stall.

“Don’t peek~”

“Who would peak at you! Idiot!”


———————————Interview tomorrow—————————————


What am I doing, studying in the library when it’s dark? There isn’t anything like the final night before an exam. I’m not someone who’s a top student, so how did this happen to me?

When I walk over to the area with the magical books, there are only a few things I can read. While we are students, the number of things that we can read without the permission of a teacher is quite limited. But we can read a lot more if it was compared to the Grey Magical Academy. After all, this is the Imperial Magical College, so the people who come here aren’t ordinary. And if they are willing to learn, don’t you give it to them? So there are quite a few different types of arcane grade books in here as well.

But finding them is somewhat troublesome. You can’t just go and ask a librarian which books have learnable skills.

They would look at you as if you are a monster. After all, to them, people who can directly learn the skills are existences on the level of monsters.

Although we definitely are monsters in this world, there is nothing wrong with that.

Anyways, the way we learn is quite convenient.

As long as you take down a book and open it up, it will automatically prompt you if there are skills to learn, and there will be no message if nothing can be learned.

Thankfully there is nobody near us or I definitely would be treated as if I were neurotic.

If I’m doing this, where are the others?

Oyado has gotten a pile of novels from somewhere. She was frowning as she read them, so I don’t know if she understands them.

Aliyah’s disappeared after she left the toilet. She said that she couldn’t do the same thing as me.

Only one person, Melody,  was reading the textbooks. It definitely wasn’t the same.

Most of the books had been stored for an unknown number of years and were giving off a musty smell. With the wooden bookshelves, it felt like we had wandered into a bookstore hidden in an alley.

Well, isn’t that the way libraries are?

When I took the book off of the shelf, something like a ball rang, and a ring fell out and rolled over to the book shelf.

I squatted down to pick it up, but it had rolled deeper under the shelf.

I looked curiously at the book in my hand.

A book with a red cover, there was no title on the cover, and nothing was written in it either. If I had to give a description, it was a notebook with a thick cover.

The ring must have fallen out of a small compartment in the book.

While I didn’t know what it was, I was suddenly interested.

The library had something this interesting inside of it? I feel bad for not studying properly.

I leaned over and reached under the bookshelf for the ring. It was right at the tips of my fingers. Stretching out, I caught the ring.

The moment I touched the ring, it popped into place and slipped onto my middle finger.

I quickly pulled my hand out and saw that the ring was slightly red and becoming narrower, shrinking into a ring of tattoos on my finger.

And then I saw a familiar mark on the tattoo.

“Oh my god, this couldn’t be a coincidence?”

In the middle of the tattoo, a red leaf slowly emerged.

This instantly reminded me of the Momiji. Sure enough, when I looked at my skills something had appeared


Momiji Speech

Force your own language onto the language of the object you touch


Oh my god, is this Doraemon’s automatic translation cake? This is a fallen piece of heaven.

But in my head I felt a signal from a short distance away. I wanted to see what was in that direction and in the distance, Falan was walking towards me.

Without a doubt, some things are inevitable.


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