Chapter 40: Walking in Hell


“Yoxin, how did you become Ming Luoxin’s agent?”

Hell is very cold in itself. We had followed Yoxin for some time without her saying anything causing me to feel an even deeper chill.

The cold hell was covered in frost and lived up to its cold name.

The trees, roads and land as far as the eye can see were all a deep blue.

Even the lantern light.

But the lanterns are probably blue as well.

As far as for the cold, there isn’t anything to mention about it.

“……It was just fate. Aren’t you the same?”

Yoxin said without looking back.

Although she didn’t turn around, her translucent state made her look strange.

It seemed like her mouth didn’t move when she spoke……hold on. She’s a ghost, so how did she speak?

Forget it. Think of it as her soul causing the air to vibrate. It’s better to not get confused about that sort of thing.

But her taciturn behavior is really bad. If you don’t talk it gets confusing.

“I haven’t had to do this sort of job before, and don’t expect me to give an introduction to Hell. It’s too embarrassing.”

Yoxin said, probably understanding why I brought the topic up.

“I’m naturally the same as the undead, floating about everywhere between Heaven and the Cold Hell and reporting what I hear to Lord Ming Luoxin. Although I have completed my atonement, I felt that the Human World wasn’t a suitable place for me so I petitioned Lord Ming Luoxin, who was short of hands at the time, and they took me in as a subordinate.”

“So that’s it. But Hell is such a dark place that it doesn’t feel good to stay here.”

“We are undead.”

Yoxin smiled.

“Is there any better place for an undead to be?”

“Well……you’re right to say that.”

“So you usually float around like this?”

Asked Oyado.

“Doesn’t that get boring?”

“It’s better than killing each other back in the Human World……that said, why are you going to the Abyss? While I’ve never been there, I’ve heard that it is a place filled with as much conflict and death as the Human World.”

“We are going to find a friend.”

Aliyah said after glancing at me.

“He went to the Abyss for some reason and we are going there to bring him back.”

“Is that so……you must be very good friends. A normal person wouldn’t go into the Abyss for something like a friend.”

“No way. That guy is just going to mess around. Who’s going to save him if we don’t do it?”

Bai Yueguang chimed in at the same time. I glanced a Bai, and flipped my middle finger at him.

Are we the only ones who know the meaning of this gesture in this world?

“I’m not just floating around in Hell though, I’m also responsible for guiding some of the new souls. I can get some information about the Human World from them at the same time and report it to Lord Ming Luoxin.”

“Information……but people who have died will just repeat their grievances from before their death.”

“Yes, most of them are like that. But that’s good too. We will know which countries are fighting. It’s impossible for them to hide even if they wanted to after all.”

“Is there any use in knowing who is fighting?”

“We’ll be able to at least know that there is going to be a large amount of undead coming in over the next few days, so we can prepare in advance.”

Why do I feel like you are running a mall……expecting incoming traffic……

It seems that it isn’t easy in Hell. Work is difficult where ever you are.

“By the way, is Hell really underground? The sky is pitch black, shouldn’t it be under earth?”

“Well~ I’m not really clear about that. Rather than Hell being in a particular direction from the Human World, it’s more like they are different spaces. Because the concept is different it isn’t as easy to go from one area to another.”

“Different space……”

I held my chin in thought.

“That Ming Luoxin must have mastered spacial abilities. She wouldn’t be able to move about as freely otherwise.”

“Of course. Ming Luoxin is a master of space and can enter and leave at will.”

That’s right. Normal people aren’t a boss, so they wouldn’t be able to go in and out at random.

“Hell should be secure. Isn’t it a place where the Undead redeem their sins?”

Tai Shixi asked form the side.

“While that is theoretically true, many souls have fled to escape punishment. The passage to the Abyss is in the middle of the Hell of Iron Trees to make it difficult for Undead to pass through it.”

“Oh? What about the souls that escape?”

“Those are what you would call ghosts, or spirits in the Human World. For the stronger ones……do you know of the Demon God in the Abyss——Blazing Horn?”

“I know……”

Not only do I know him, but he nearly destroyed me and I got a greatsword from him…….

That was a long time ago……

“If it’s that guy……it explains a bit of the relationship between Hell and the Abyss.”

It’s like a circulatory system.

People die and become undead, they become ghosts and relive a save file of their lives, and redeem their sins over and over.

If you want to continue with the save file, then you flee from Hell and live in the Abyss. No, that’s not right. Ghostly existence.

But what if the ghost was destroyed with soul destruction? You wouldn’t be able to loop again, right?

Simply thinking about it, it feels like selecting your starting point in your life. Or is that because I played too much Fate.

“Eh? What’s that over there?”

Aliyah suddenly pointed ahead.

We had been in Hell for some time and had a clear view of our surroundings.

I’m not even going to talk about weird dead trees around us. In the distance there were blades stretching out from top of trees, criss-crossing and spreading out in every direction.

And that giant tree……the fact that we could see it from where we are showed how big it was.

How the hell was thing made? This place is terrifying.

“The Hell of Iron Trees is ahead of us.”

Yoxin suddenly stopped. Her lifeless gaze turned back to us.

“You are on your own from this point.”


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